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RouteSavvy: A Powerful, Affordable DoorDash Alternative for Food & Meal Deliveries

With food delivery services charging huge mark-ups on meal deliveries, it’s no wonder that so many restaurants, caterers & meal delivery companies are seeking a DoorDash alternative, as well as alternatives to Uber Eats and Grubhub.

In 2020, the pandemic spurred massive demand for meal deliveries from restaurants and for prepared meals delivered to consumer’s homes. However, consumers & businesses alike paid a hefty price for that convenience.

For consumers, a November 2020 article in the New York Times reported that meals delivered by DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Grubhumb can be up to 91% more expensive.

For restaurants, caterers & prepared meal delivery companies, a December 2020 Restaurant Business magazine article reported that only 37% said meal deliveries helped them survive. The remainder of the survey respondees were financially hurt and lost money because of the high costs associated with delivering meals, including high-flying, fast-casual chains like Chipotle.

With all this in mind, is it any wonder why the internet search volume for “DoorDash alternative” has skyrocketed?

For restaurateurs, fast-casual chains & prepared meal delivery companies, the DoorDash alternative that will reduce delivery costs and increase revenue is RouteSavvy delivery route planning software.

The Best DoorDash Alternative Is To Do Your OWN Route Planning & Deliveries With The Help of RouteSavvy Delivery Route Planning Software

While DoorDash, Uber Eats & Grubhub have charged so much for their meal delivery services that local governments are passing laws to curb mark-ups, the best solution is to do your own route planning & deliveries.

This is easily accomplished with RouteSavvy route optimization software – which costs a mere $300 a year and has been proven to reduce delivery costs and allow restaurants & meal delivery companies to increase the volume of meals that can be delivered in a day.

Delivery route planning software tools like RouteSavvy are affordable and easy to use. Simply input the addresses of meal deliveries for the day, and RouteSavvy generates the most efficient route. That efficient route can be printed for drivers as well as exported to a driver’s cell phone or tablet.

For restaurants, a key point is that one-time, impulse meal orders will not help your business. Restaurants turning to prepared meal deliveries to survive must set up a “subscription” meal service, and operate like prepared meal delivery companies for the route optimization to make sense.

Efficient delivery routing software yields the following benefits:

  • Significantly lowers the cost of delivering meals (RouteSavvy reduces fuel costs & driver labor costs.)
  • Increases business volume (When you reduce the miles driven to get the job done, you can deliver more meals in the course of a day or a delivery time window.)
  • Eliminates outrageous mark-ups from meal delivery services (RouteSavvy allows restaurants & prepared meal delivery companies to eliminate expensive mark-ups from DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Grubhub)

Learn How A Florida-based Prepared Meal Delivery Company DOUBLED Its Business By Using RouteSavvy

Check out this CASE STUDY on how Fit Fixins’ used RouteSavvy to deliver meals to its customers and double its business volume, without using DoorDash, Uber Eats, or Grubhub.

How RouteSavvy Helps Businesses Handle Their Own Meal Deliveries

Affordable delivery route planners like RouteSavvy mean that even a modestly sized local restaurant or local prepared meal delivery business can handle their own meal deliveries. Here’s how this is feasible:

  • Low cost of entry: RouteSavvy costs just $300 a year. Case studies of RouteSavvy users show that most companies pay for the cost of RouteSavvy with the money that’s saved in the first couple of weeks of use. Most RouteSavvy users also report a return on investment by a factor of 10+, i.e., spend $300 a year and save $3,000 a year, and often, much more.
  • Easy to learn & use: RouteSavvy was built from the ground up to be easy to learn & use. Many RouteSavvy users have reported that they learned to start optimizing their delivery routes in 30 minutes. (Plus, the RouteSavvy team offers a FREE, one-on-one RouteSavvy tutorial hosted by friendly, U.S.-based customer support reps so you can get up to speed FAST.)
  • Makes use of existing staff or affordable contract drivers: When restaurants, caterers & prepared meal delivery companies handle their own deliveries, it allows them to employ under-utilized staff members (bartenders, wait staff, etc.) as drivers – thus, saving jobs. For prepared meal delivery companies, RouteSavvy allows for the use of an in-house fleet or the use of contract delivery drivers (individuals who will use their own vehicle to handle the deliveries).

The bottom line is that RouteSavvy is a potent, affordable DoorDash alternative that allows restaurants, caterers & prepared meal delivery companies to eliminate expensive mark-ups, increase profitability, and empower their businesses.

Want to take RouteSavvy for a test drive? Try our Free, 14-day trial, or to schedule a free demo.

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