Home Delivery Routing Software Helps Businesses Ramp Up New Services To Survive the Pandemic

With the general public in lockdown all over the world, businesses that are suffering economic hardship are turning to home delivery and home delivery routing software to survive this worldwide disruption of life, work, and the economy.

When times of chaos and uncertainty occur, it can certainly affect a business’s ability to offer products and services, with devastating effects on the bottom line.

But these uncertain times also can force businesses to re-assess HOW they are offering their products and services, and to re-tool their business to meet the hanging needs of customers.

Restaurants, food & beverage distribution companies, and brick-and-mortar retail businesses have been hit particularly with the lockdowns and stay-at-home orders. But this poses an opportunity. If the customers can’t come to you, home delivery routing software will allow you to take your products to your customer…and in the most efficient manner that saves time and preserves precious cash reserves.

RouteSavvy is affordable, easy-to-use home delivery routing software designed specifically for the needs of small businesses involved in home deliveries, pick-ups, service calls & sales calls.

RouteSavvy Home Delivery Routing Software is Free for Up to 1,000 Businesses Through June 30th

What’s more, the developers of RouteSavvy (US-based OnTerra Systems) are giving RouteSavvy routing software for free to small businesses through June 30th. There’s no “catch.” The OnTerra Systems team is offering RouteSavvy routing software for free for up to 1,000 small businesses to help them survive the devastating economic effects of this pandemic. Just visit: www.RouteSavvy.com, and click on the Free, 14-day Trial button. OnTerra reps will reach out to you, and activate the full capabilities of RouteSavvy to help you gear up a home delivery business for your products. We’ll also teach you how to use RouteSavvy for free, with friendly, US-based customer support specialists.

COVID-19 Effects Are Changing the Way Consumers Get Goods and Services

It’s no secret that internet businesses have higher sales volumes every year. But for local brick-and-mortar businesses offering meals, food ingredients, fresh produce deliveries, and more, the effects of this pandemic are expected to last well beyond the pandemic.

As a result, home delivery services will become even more important in the mix of how to get your goods to your customers in coming months and year.

Case Study: Pandemic IMPROVES & SAVES Blue Apron’s Business

The Blue Apron meal-kit company provides a classic example of how tumultuous times can bring both hardship and opportunity. When Blue Apron went public in 2017, investors valued the company at roughly $2 billion.

Blue Apron customers choose options from a pre-set menu, with pre-measured ingredients and cooking instructions delivered to their homes. Consumers then prepare and cook a meal that they wouldn’t necessarily have the knowledge or skill to create without some guidance from professional chefs. This seemed like a great idea, but then interest in meal-delivery services started to wane – and Blue Apron lost $60 million in 2019 alone. In early 2020, Blue Apron’s management team was literally considering mergers, selling off assets, looking at financing deals, and even considering selling the company outright.

Then the COVID-19 pandemic came along.

With grocery store shelves empty, restaurants closed, and consumers bored out of their minds from being ordered to stay at home, Americans are being forced to prepare their own meals and cook at home. As a result, Blue Apron’s sales suddenly went through the roof. Blue Apron CEO Linda Findley Kozlowski announced in March 2020 that sales had increased so much that the company needed to hire more workers to meet increased demand – including hiring recently laid off restaurant employees. In addition, the company’s stock has soared by 200% while the rest of the stock market has been declining by 1,000 points or more.

How Does RouteSavvy Help Businesses Turning To Home Delivery of their Products?

RouteSavvy can make a BIG difference for companies turning to home deliveries to survive, and this software is easy to use and easy to deploy. For starters, RouteSavvy is cloud-based software so there’s no software to load on your computer and/or have to maintain. You access RouteSavvy in the cloud with secure logins.

With RouteSavvy, routes are optimized in 3 easy steps.

  • Step 1: Office staff inputs the addresses of the day’s deliveries into the RouteSavvy system.
  • Step 2: RouteSavvy will then generate the most efficient route, which saves time, increases productivity, and lowers fuel costs.
  • Step 3: The route can be printed out and/or exported to a driver’s cell phone or tablet for turn-by-turn driving directions.

Many small businesses are turning to home deliveries to survive. Businesses that add route optimization will find that they save precious cash by lowering the fuel costs (because of more efficient routing). In addition, when your routing is more efficient, you can often shoe-horn in more deliveries per week which increases sales.

If we take BlueApron as an example, the average meal for 2 is roughly $50. When you add RouteSavvy route optimization into the mix, it’s quite possible that you could shoe-horn 5 more deliveries into each week, with an additional $250 in sales generated per week. (That’s on top of saving money on fuel costs, and saving time optimizing routes.) The hypothetical savings would add up to an extra $1,000 per month in revenue while saving up to a full day of staff hours from faster optimizing of routes.

Any way you look at it, RouteSavvy is a MUST if your business is turning to home deliveries to survive the pandemic. You’ll deliver your products faster, fresher, and more efficiently, while saving money on fuel costs. Through June 30, RouteSavvy is free for up to 1,000 small businesses. After that, it’s an affordable $300 per year, and most companies recoup that modest investment in the first month of use.

If you’re turning to home deliveries to save your business, let RouteSavvy help. It’s the most powerful, affordable, easy-to-use home delivery routing software on the market today.

Want to take RouteSavvy for a test drive? Try our free, 14-day trial, or schedule a free, one-on-one demo of this powerful, affordable route optimization software.


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