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Top 3 Ways RouteSavvy Improves Fleet Profitability

Top 3 Ways RouteSavvy Improves Fleet Profitability

Improving fleet profitability is a universal goal among fleet managers, whether the fleet is small, medium, or large. The next question then becomes: what are the most cost-effective ways to improve fleet profitability? The answer is: Route Planning Software.

Route Planning Software Improves Fleet Productivity At Minimal Cost

If you have to spend a lot of time and money to deploy a complex fleet productivity initiative, you’re not really making progress. The key is to deploy productivity initiatives that can be put in place fast, require a minimal amount of time to learn, and which don’t require a big investment.

Affordable route planning software tools meet these requirements. For example, RouteSavvy costs just $300 a year, generates massive ROI, is easy to learn and use, and can be deployed immediately with minimum set-up time.

Three Ways Route Planning Software Improves Fleet Productivity & Puts Money Back Into Your Business

Route planning software helps businesses & non-profits with small to mid-sized fleets in many ways. Here are the top 3 ways that route planning software improves fleet productivity and puts money back into your pocket:

  • Reduced fuel spend: We’ve covered this in previous blogs. But it bears noting that research year after year consistently shows that the cost of fuel always totals right around 60% of fleet operating costs. If you can make a minimal investment in route planning software (for RouteSavvy, it’s $300 a year), and significantly reduce your fuel spend, it’s a no-brainer to implement. In the simplest terms, RouteSavvy generates more efficient routes that reduce miles driven. When you reduce miles driven, you reduce your fuel spend, with savings that go straight to the bottom line.
  • Reduced overtime labor: When you’re on a schedule and work must be finished in the course of a day, it often results in overtime labor costs that can really add up and eat into profits. It’s just common sense that more efficient routing allows drivers and/or service technicians to be able to get more done during normal business hours. The reduction of overtime labor costs again can go straight to the bottom line.
  • Handle more calls each week: More efficient routing can sometimes result in handling more calls per day. But it definitely allows businesses and non-profits to handle more service calls, pick-ups, or deliveries in the course of a week or month. When businesses or non-profits are able to handle more calls per week, or per month, those additional service calls add up to increased revenue…all for a minimal investment of $300 per year.

The bottom line is that route planning software that’s affordable, easy to deploy, and easy to use improves fleet productivity and is good for your bottom line.

Interested in learning more about how improves fleet productivity? Try our Free, 14-day Trial & see for yourself how affordable route planning software can improve operations for your small to mid-sized fleet.