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Improving Customers Satisfaction Through Route Planning Software

How To Improve Customer Satisfaction with RouteSavvy

How to improve customer satisfaction is one aspect of running a business or non-profit that can keep owners and managers awake at night. The most common strategy for improving customer satisfaction usually involves deploying customer satisfaction surveys followed by policy and/or procedural changes to improve the customer experience.

Yet, a surprising and often overlooked aspect that powerfully affects customer satisfaction the TIMELINESS of a business or non-profit’s deliveries, pick-ups, or service calls.

Did You Know: A 2015 consumer survey showed that 66% of shoppers bought goods from one retailer over another because the delivery services were more appealing.

The context of this particular survey was about e-commerce. But the lessons learned from these survey results show that the timeliness and efficiency of deliveries, pick-ups, and service calls are key factors that can help improve customer satisfaction.

Another compelling statistic from this 2015 study also showed that a whopping 96% of the survey participants said that a positive delivery experience would encourage them to shop with that business again.

So the point is: When businesses and non-profits create a positive customer experience related to deliveries, pick-ups, and service calls that are accurate and on time, it goes a LONG way toward creating a loyal customer.

Thinking About How To Improve Customer Satisfaction?…Use Route Planning Software!

Route planning software tools like RouteSavvy offer a lot of benefits, including cost savings in fuel spend and labor, time savings, and more. But RouteSavvy’s contribution to customer satisfaction stems from more efficient routing. This means deliveries, pick-ups, or service calls are more likely to hit the designated arrival time, and that makes for happy customers.

Another statistic that emerged from the 2015 customer satisfaction study was that 80% of the survey participants want an accurate timeslot of when the delivery, pick-up, or service call vehicle will arrive. If today’s consumers have a bad experience with a vehicle that’s slated for a specific arrival time and are late, they don’t hesitate to voice their disappointment via social media. So a poor experience with a late delivery, pick-up, or service call can be broadcast by the disgruntled customer and magnified far beyond the scope of one peeved customer.

Most business owners and managers know that it’s far more cost-effective to keep an existing customer than market to get a new one. By deploying route planning software tools like RouteSavvy, delivery, pick-up, and service businesses with small to mid-sized fleets can enhance the customer experience with more accurate arrival times, as well as the typical savings on fuel and labor costs.

For more information on RouteSavvy and how to improve customer satisfaction with route planning software, or to experience it first hand, visit, or sign up for our Free, 14-day Trial.

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