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How To Improve Online Reputation Programs With Route Optimization

How to Improve Online Reputation Programs with Route Optimization

In this day and age, Yelp and Google Reviews take the place of customer referrals, and businesses with fleets can help improve online reputation programs through an unlikely source: their route planning software.

Simply put, people tend to post very negative reviews or very positive reviews based on their customer experience. If the experience is poor in general or because your driver is late, you’re going to hear about it through a review. If the experience is stellar, because the delivery, pick-up, or service call was spot-on-time, it’s likely you’ll garner a positive review from a significant portion of your customer base.

Because of its positive impact on timely arrivals, route planning software tools like RouteSavvy can literally make the difference between a glowing review or a scathing online review that drives away potential business.

How RouteSavvy Helps Improve Online Reputation Management

Route planning software tools create a significant and positive impact on businesses or non-profits involved in pick-ups, deliveries, or service calls for so many reasons.

Route planning software like RouteSavvy helps fleet managers input addresses, and then generate the most efficient routes for their fleet.

In the process, organizations:

  1. Reduce miles driven (reduces their fuel spend)
  2. Improves productivity (reduces overtime labor costs)
  3. Improves customer satisfaction with more timely arrivals.

It’s item number 3 item in this list that can have a significant impact on a business’s ability to improve online reputation management initiatives.

When products like RouteSavvy help your drivers get where they’re supposed to be, WHEN they’re suppose to be there, customers are more satisfied.

When you combine a timely arrival with great service, it’s a recipe for getting a great online review.

Online Reviews Are VITAL to the Health of Your Business or Non-profit

For those who disregard the need to improve online reputation programs, it can be devastating to the business or non-profit. Here are some compelling statistics on the important of online reviews.

A Forbes Magazine article on the increasing importance of online reviews published the following statistics about online reputation management:

  • 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business.
  • 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.
  • 82% of people surveyed said they visit Yelp because they intend to buy a product or service.
  • Every one-star increase in a Yelp review ranking increases business by 5-9%.
  • When potential customers find one negative review on the first page of their search results, it can result in businesses losing up to 22% of business.

The bottom line is that online reviews are one of the most significant factors affecting your business. When you deploy a route planning software tool like RouteSavvy, it will not only improve your efficiency, productivity & profitability. It will improve your ability to garner positive online reviews that are so crucial to your ability to attract new customers.

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