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How To Lower Fleet Insurance Costs With Fleet Tracking From RouteSavvy

How To Lower Fleet Insurance Costs With Fleet Tracking from RouteSavvy

Most fleet managers know the basics and benefits of GPS tracking, but many have not made the connection that GPS tracking can help lower fleet insurance costs.

Any opportunity to lower operating costs can have a significant impact on the profitability of businesses & non-profits who rely on a fleet for pick-ups, deliveries, and service calls.

RouteSavvy route optimization software offers a low-cost solution for routing efficiency. In addition, the RouteSavvy team introduced the most affordable GPS fleet tracking on the market, which uses a driver’s cell phone to perform the fleet tracking functions.

5 Ways GPS Tracking Helps Reduce Fleet Insurance Costs

There are MANY benefits that RouteSavvy’s smartphone-based fleet tracking offers. Here’s a look at how RouteSavvy’s new fleet tracking solution can help lower commercial insurance costs.

Safer Driving Habits: When drivers know they are being tracked, they are more likely to drive safely and honor speed limits. There’s a direct link between speeding and car crashes. If you can limit your driver’s speeding, it’s a good bet you’ll reduce the likelihood of a crash and the resulting liability.

GPS Tracking Discounts: Many insurance companies offer special deals and lower premiums to companies & organizations that deploy fleet tracking. Check with your commercial insurance provider and ask if they offer discounts.

More Driving During the Day: With GPS fleet tracking, drivers tend to be more efficient and go where they’re supposed to go vs. unauthorized stops for personal business. As a result, most fleets report improved productivity & efficiency, less overtime driving, and less driving after dark. The National Highway Transportation Safety Board reports that fatal car crashes are four times higher at night than during the day.

Helps Eliminate Suspicious Employee Activity: GPS tracking can help spot and eliminate suspicious or unlawful use of your fleet vehicles. Again, when employees are aware they are being tracked as they drive, they are less likely to engage in suspicious or criminal behavior using your vehicles.

Helps Prevent Fraudulent Insurance Claims: GPS tracking also can be used to prove where a vehicle was located at any given time. This helps provide solid evidence to disprove false insurance claims against your company or non-profit.

RouteSavvy’s New Smartphone-based Fleet Tracking Can Help Curb Insurance Costs

There are so many documented benefits of GPS fleet tracking – and the new RouteSavvy fleet tracking solution that uses smartphones helps companies & non-profits achieve these benefits. For an additional $500 a year, on top of the RouteSavvy base price (just $300 per year for up to 3 users), fleet managers can deploy one of the most innovative & affordable fleet tracking solutions on the market today.

Interested in routing efficiency and deploying fleet tracking at an affordable price? Try RouteSavvy’s FREE 14-day trial.