How To Reduce Driver Fatigue with RouteSavvy Routing Software

Most fleet managers know that learning how to reduce driver fatigue helps their own organization and also improves public safety. Driver fatigue has been a big problem for commercial drivers for decades. But it’s particularly pronounced with the pressure now placed on commercial delivery drivers. In this new normal from the pandemic, commercial delivery drivers are under pressure to deliver more product than ever before and to work longer hours to get the home deliveries completed. RouteSavvy is powerful, affordable route planning software that helps reduce driver fatigue…bringing a whole host of benefits for companies and society as a whole.


Roughly 13 percent of commercial drivers were fatigued at the time of a crash.


Driver Fatigue Takes A Huge Toll On Organizations & Society

Driver fatigue takes a huge toll on organizations involved in deliveries, pick-ups, service calls & sales calls…as well as society as a whole. Driver fatigue-related crashes cost businesses  damaged vehicles, lost time, lost customers & higher car insurance premiums.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration reported 91,000 police-reported crashes in 2017 that involved fatigued drivers. While vehicles were damaged or destroyed in those crashes, the toll on humans included 50,000 people injured and approximately 800 deaths.

How Does RouteSavvy Route Planning Software Help Reduce Driver Fatigue?

RouteSavvy helps reduce driver fatigue by reducing the miles driven to get deliveries done. Office staff or fleet managers simply input the addresses of the day’s deliveries, pick-ups, or stops, and hit the “Optimize” button. RouteSavvy then generates the most efficient route in a matter of minutes.

That more efficient route means it takes less time behind the steering wheel to get the day’s deliveries, pick-ups, or calls done.

While additional stops might be shoe-horned into each day’s schedule because of more efficient routing, RouteSavvy typically helps reduce overtime labor costs. Less overtime labor also means commercial drivers are not spending as much time on the road, which can help reduce driver fatigue.


Driver fatigue-related crashes resulting in injury or death cost society $109 billion annually, not including property damage.

Source: National Highway Transportation Safety Administration

Commercial Drivers Are At Higher Risk From Driver Fatigue

It should be no surprise that commercial drivers face a significantly higher risk of crashes resulting from driver fatigue. Commercial drivers spend considerably more time on the road than “civilian” drivers. The long hours commercial drivers spend on the road and the high number of miles they drive for their jobs all contribute to a higher risk of driver fatigue and a higher risk of crashes.

This is why route planning software tools like RouteSavvy are so important for businesses and non-profits with fleets. The simple act of reducing miles driven to get the job done reduces time on the road, reduces driver fatigue, and reduces the potential for crashes.

Want to learn how to reduce driver fatigue with RouteSavvy? Contact the RouteSavvy team for a Free, one-on-one DEMO.

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