How To Reduce The Fleet Fuel Spend With RouteSavvy

Given that fleet fuel costs are traditionally 60% of a fleet’s operating expenses, it’s no wonder why fleet managers routinely say: What steps can I take to reduce the fleet fuel spend? The answer is simple: RouteSavvy Route Optimization Software.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an “army of one” with one vehicle in your fleet or a sizable fleet handling many territories. Route optimization software tools like RouteSavvy are the number one technology that should be deployed to reduce fleet operating expenses, including the cost of fuel to run your fleet.

Given the economic hardships from the 2020 pandemic faced by businesses & non-profits alike, it should be the goal of every fleet manager to deploy route optimization software and start saving precious cash.

How Does RouteSavvy Reduce The Fleet Fuel Spend?

RouteSavvy helps reduce the fleet fuel spend by generating more efficient routes for deliveries, pick-ups, and service calls. This reduces miles driven and results in spending less on fuel for the fleet.

RouteSavvy optimizes routes in 3 simple steps:

  • Input or upload the addresses of the day’s deliveries, pick-ups, or service calls
  • Let RouteSavvy generate the most efficient driving route and order of the deliveries, pick-ups, or service calls
  • Print the route, or export the route to your driver’s cellphone or tablet

This reduces the miles driven to get the job done every day, and it means fewer fill-ups at the gas station.

In addition, route optimization tools like RouteSavvy have such a powerful and positive affect on the bottom line because the savings start immediately – and RouteSavvy typically pays for itself within the first couple weeks of using it. So, unlike more expensive route optimization solutions, you don’t have to wait long to recoup your investment in the software.

Given the ease of deploying RouteSavvy, it’s a no-brainer action that starts saving money the day it’s deployed.

Real-world RouteSavvy Case Studies on Reducing the Fleet Fuel Spend

There’s nothing like a case study to truly understand how something works in the real world. RouteSavvy is being used by fleet managers in the United States and Europe. Here’s a quick look at some satisfied customers using RouteSavvy to reduce the fleet fuel spend for their companies:

Organic Produce Delivery Company Spends $300 on RouteSavvy & Saves $4,500 Per Year Learn More

Regional Tree & Lawn Care Company Saves $100 Per Week on Fuel Costs Thanks to RouteSavvy Learn More

UK Sign Delivery Company Spends $300 on RouteSavvy & Saves $15,000 Per Year Learn More

Given the impact fuel costs have on a fleet operating budget, route optimization should be the number one priority of fleet managers worldwide. With an investment of $300 per year, RouteSavvy allows fleet managers to quickly & easily help reduce the fleet fuel spend the day it’s deployed. In addition, RouteSavvy can help businesses & non-profits save money that can help keep the organization afloat during the pandemic of 2020, and beyond.

Take RouteSavvy for a Test Drive (A Free 14-day Trial)

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