How To Speed Home Delivery Times With RouteSavvy

With the vast increases in consumers shopping online thanks to the pandemic, it’s more important than every to deploy affordable software that helps speed home delivery times. RouteSavvy Route Planning Software – one of the most powerful yet affordable route planning software tools on the market today – helps businesses deploying local home deliveries to get products into the hands of consumers faster.

Local Home Delivery of Goods Is Here To Stay

While the pandemic eventually will recede, it’s effect on how many consumers shop is here to stay. Local home delivery of purchased goods has been widely adopted for the following items:

  • Groceries
  • Prepared meals
  • Household goods
  • Cars…and more.

A new study released in 2020 by researchers from Portland State University offered the following insights:

  • Lockdowns from the pandemic have significantly changed shopping behaviors.
  • Consumers who are concerned more about product costs have a lower volume of home deliveries.
  • Consumers more concerned about the health risks of Covid have a higher volume of home deliveries.

It’s also no secret that e-commerce had been growing rapidly in recent years. However, the introduction of the pandemic, the resulting lockdowns, and a fear of going out in the world exploded the volume of e-commerce taking place worldwide.

Here are some statistics that highlight the exponential growth of home delivery of goods, thanks to the pandemic:

Beverage, Prepared Food & Grocery Orders Increased 500% In One Year: The highest growth for local home deliveries occurred for prepared food, beverages & groceries, with delivery volume increasing by 500% from 2019 to 2020. (Source: CNBC – April 2020)

Online Shopping Sales Increased By 78% In One Year: General online shopping sales increased by 78% from May 2019 to May 2020. (Source: e-Marketer)

None of three stats should be a surprise to anyone watching the business environment change as a result of the pandemic.

Increased Delivery Volumes Create The Need To Speed Home Delivery Times

As the volume and demand for local home delivery of goods continues to increase, local businesses have been hard-pressed to deploy timely and cost-effective home delivery.

With today’s shortened attention span among consumers, the ability to speed home delivery times is a way to keep customers from shifting to out-of-state delivery from big national retailers & e-commerce sites.

The way to do this is with Delivery Route Planning Software Tools like RouteSavvy.


RouteSavvy Delivery Route Planning Software costs just $300 a year, and it can speed home delivery times & significantly drop your local home delivery costs.

(RouteSavvy reduces fuel & labor costs.)

How Does RouteSavvy Speed Home Delivery Times?

The way that RouteSavvy speeds up home deliveries is quite simple. RouteSavvy generates the most efficient route for the deliveries. More efficient routing results in fewer miles driven.

When you drive fewer miles to accomplish the day’s deliveries, two key results occur:

  • You can deliver the day’s orders more quickly because it takes less time to get the deliveries done.
  • You can shoehorn more deliveries into each day, which increases revenues & profitability.

Need to speed home delivery times for your goods? Take RouteSavvy for a test drive with a Free 14-day Trial! Or visit & sign up for a Free Demo.

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