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Lawn Business Productivity Case Study

In this lawn business productivity case study, a Midwestern tree & lawn company uses RouteSavvy route planning software to save more than $100 per week in fuel costs, as well as office and crew time.

With 18 different vehicles comprising their fleet, Maier Tree & Lawn, a Davey company located in Minnesota is saving roughly $5,000 a year using RouteSavvy. Their annual investment in RouteSavvy is $300 a year for up to 3 users.

RouteSavvy is particularly effective for tree and lawn businesses because tree & lawn care companies typically have fleets with a wide variety of assets. Maier’s fleet ranges from trucks that deliver mulch and landscape rock and plant healthcare trucks to heavy equipment such as debris loaders and bucket trucks for tree pruning. With such a varied set of vehicles, each with their own routing needs, Maier Tree & Lawn, a Davey company located in Minnesota, turned to RouteSavvy route planning software to more efficiently route all these vehicles.

RouteSavvy is used to plot the most efficient routes for all of Maier Tree & Lawn’s vehicles, which have differing usage levels. For example, a debris truck may pick up landscape materials (sod, rock, soil, and other landscaping materials 3-5 times a day, with trips to the dump interspersed). A tree pruning bucket truck will be routed from project to project in a more circular route pattern, ending up back at Maier headquarters at the end of the day.

Maier Tree & Lawn’s management staff uses RouteSavvy to plot the most efficient routes by vehicle. In the process, they save considerable money on fuel costs, and they save time – both for the office staff and the field crews.

RouteSavvy is designed to help small to mid-sized fleets reduce their operating costs in many ways.  Its ability to create more efficient routes reduces fuel costs. Its ability to streamline a day of calls reduces labor costs by reducing overtime work. Its ability to save time typically improves fleet productivity by increasing the number of deliveries, pick-ups, or service calls that can be done during a typical week.

For more information, read the full lawn business case study on Maier Tree & Lawn.

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