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RouteSavvy Case Study: RouteSavvy Serves As Potent Meal Delivery Routing Software for Fit Fixins

When Fit Fixins first opened their meal delivery company in 2014, they did not have a powerful meal delivery routing software tool. Instead, they spent more than 3 hours a week and more than 160 hours per year manually organizing delivery routes.

Over time, Fit Fixins owners Chelsia & Clyde Tiger decided they needed route optimization software to streamline operations, reduce the time spent planning delivery routes, and reduce operational costs of their fleet. That’s when they came across RouteSavvy – affordable route planning software that’s ideal for use as meal delivery routing software.

“We first checked out RouteSavvy route planning software after a logistics consultant who specializes in helping meal delivery companies recommended RouteSavvy,” recalled Clyde Tiger of Fit Fixins. “We took a demo of RouteSavvy & saw how user-friendly it was, and we have been using it ever since,” he said.

RouteSavvy Transforms Fit Fixins’ Operations

The positive results of deploying RouteSavvy routing software have been HUGE.

RouteSavvy DOUBLES Fit Fixins Meal Delivery Capacity

Simply put, RouteSavvy has allowed Fit Fixins to literally double its business. “With more efficient routes generated by RouteSavvy, we have gone from 15-20 deliveries per vehicle per 4-hour time window to more than 35 deliveries. RouteSavvy has helped us double our business,” said Clyde Tiger, of Fit Fixins.

RouteSavvy Saves 4 Full Weeks of Office Staff Time

For starters, RouteSavvy meal delivery routing software has allowed the Fit Fixins office staff to save roughly 160 office staff hours per year, or 4 full work weeks of time, on planning their daily delivery routes. At $15/hour, Fit Fixins is saving more than $3,000 per year on staff time formerly spent creating routes manually. Instead, they plug in the day’s delivery addresses, hit the “optimize” button in RouteSavvy, and RouteSavvy quickly generates an efficient route that reduces miles driven & saves route planning time.

RouteSavvy Helps Reduce Fit Fixins’ Labor & Mileage Reimbursement Costs

With 3 company delivery vehicles and 7 contract drivers using their own vehicles, Fit Fixins has been able to reduce their mileage reimbursement costs because their contract drivers are driving fewer miles to get the job done and the meals delivered.

“We love RouteSavvy,” said Clyde Tiger. “It has really helped us streamline our operations, expand our business, and increase revenue.”

For more information on how RouteSavvy has helped this thriving Florida-based meal delivery company, read the full case study!

Want to see how RouteSavvy can help your business shift to local home delivery to survive the pandemic, or shoe horn more deliveries in during the holiday season? Contact us to set up a free demo.

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