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White Picket Produce Case Study Highlights

White Picket Produce Case Study Highlights

In this organic food delivery business case study, a Florida-based business uses RouteSavvy route planning software to save $4,500 per year.

Based in Sarasota, Florida, White Picket Produce is an organic food delivery business that delivers fresh, organic produce to customers through the Sarasota metro area. Founded by Sharyn Vross, a fitness and health professional with a love of healthy food and cooking, White Picket Produce is thriving. The staff starts by taking orders and then packing special-order boxes full of bright, beautiful organic produce, and then makes sure that the organic produce is delivered to customers in a timely manner to take advantage of the nutrients and freshness.

White Picket Produce utilizes 4-5 drivers, who each deliver between 20 and 40 boxes of organic produce. Given the wide geographic dispersal of customers throughout Sarasota, which covers 30 square miles for the city proper, and 725 square miles for Sarasota County, there’s a lot of driving to do!

Ms. Vross decided to help her business and help the planet by using route planning software to generate the most efficient routes possible, which saves money on fuel and labor costs, as well as reducing the company’s carbon footprint and carbon emissions.

She ultimately chose RouteSavvy because it was affordable and easy to use. It required a yearly investment of $300, and is now saving several hours of staff time on route planning per week, as well as saving roughly $4,500 per year in operational costs.

“For an investment of $300 to use RouteSavvy, White Picket Produce is saving $4,500 per year!”

Prior to the day’s deliveries, White Picket Produce office staffers simply input the addresses of the day’s organic produce deliveries, by vehicle/driver, and then hit the “Optimize” button within RouteSavvy. Within less than a minute, RouteSavvy automatically generates the most efficient route for each vehicle. RouteSavvy also has a manual function where locations not yet mapped and included in web-based mapping systems can be added. This is a helpful function for growing, expanding communities like Sarasota, where new neighborhoods come on line, with a whole new set of street addresses for newly built homes.

For more information on how RouteSavvy helps this organic food delivery business, read the full case study on our website!

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