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Coming in June: How Route Planning Tools Green Fleets & Reduce Fleet Emissions

Managers of small to mid-sized fleets used for deliveries, pickups, and service calls have a lot to worry about, and in recent years, reducing fleet emissions has been added to their plates. As we head into summer (a time of increased driving), fleet managers can rest easy…and breathe easier and reduce fleet emissions, if they use route planning software.

In June, we’re going to focus on how to green up your small to mid-sized fleet by reducing fuel consumption. By reducing the amount of fuel that’s burned, obviously carbon emissions decrease, too. This is readily accomplished by using affordable route planning software tools like RouteSavvy.

Route planning software is universally viewed as a way to drop operating costs, i.e. reduce miles driven and you reduce the amount of money you spend on fuel along with overtime labor costs. Those savings can go straight to a company’s bottom line. In an industry with tight margins, route planning software might make the difference between being in the red or being in the black.

However, as more fleets and businesses become environmentally conscious, another significant benefit of route planning software has emerged. Route planning software tools like RouteSavvy help businesses reduce their fuel consumption, and therefore, reduce their fleet emissions.

Any business that operates a small to mid-sized fleet can demonstrate their environmental stewardship by using route planning software. If your customers & prospects value environmental stewardship, using route planning software can create a differentiator against your competitors. Example: “Our lawn care business helps Mother Earth by using technology to generate more efficient routes and reduce our carbon emissions.”

The bottom line is that route planning software improves operations and profitability. It also serves as a powerful, affordable way to go green by reducing carbon emissions from your small to mid-sized fleet.

Check back in June for more information on how RouteSavvy route planner software can help your small to mid-sized fleet reduce carbon emissions.

Better yet, try RouteSavvy’s FREE 14-day Trial, and see for yourself how it reduces miles driven, saves money, and saves the planet.

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