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Route Planner Case Study For Charities That Pick Up Donations

Route Planner Case Study for Charities That Pick Up Donations

Charities that pick up donations as their main mission find RouteSavvy Route Planning Software a non-profit’s best buddy. Any non-profit that’s in the business of picking up clothing, furniture, food…anything that’s still got value should be using route planning software to more efficiently route their fleet and save money on fuel.

Whether a non-profit is boot-strapping it, or has a solid fundraising machine, it still behooves management teams at non-profits to do everything they can to make the most efficient use of donated dollars that they can.

To illustrate how affordable route planning software can positively impact a non-profit’s bottom line, let’s review a RouteSavvy Route Planning Software Case Study featuring

PlanetAid: One of the Many Charities That Pick Up Donations Saves Big Bucks Using RouteSavvy

PlanetAid’s mission is to collect, sort, and re-distribute used clothing and textiles that can be recycled, rather than being thrown into landfills. To that end, PlanetAid has a fleet of trucks that visit bright yellow drop-off bins all over the United States.

Donors can simply drop their used clothing & textiles into those yellow bins. PlanetAid drivers make a series of stops on their routes, and empty the yellow bins to take the used clothing and textiles back to warehouses for sorting and recycling.

PlanetAid has roughly 110 vehicles that are used to collect the donations from their signature yellow bins.

This busy non-profit opted to use RouteSavvy Route Planning Software for many reasons: ease of use, functionality, and affordable price.

After using RouteSavvy, the PlanetAid management team has found that they’re saving both time and money, which is having a significant & positive effect on their financials and efficiency.

In a nutshell, all charities that pick up donations should be using route planning software like RouteSavvy. When money’s tight (and even when it isn’t), RouteSavvy generates more efficient routing. This saves time, labor costs, and reduces the fuel spend – with savings that can go straight to the bottom line. These savings can significantly improve the financial performance of non-profits and make their donation dollars go even farther.

For more information about how is using RouteSavvy to save time & money, read the full case study.

And if the thought of saving time & money in significant quantities is compelling, try RouteSavvy’s free 14-day trial.