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Give Your Business The Gift Of RouteSavvy For A More Profitable, Efficient 2018

Give Your Business the Gift of RouteSavvy for a More Profitable, Efficient 2018

It’s December, and the Christmas & holiday rush is upon us, making Christmas fleet management strategies more important than ever. For managers of small to mid-sized fleet preparing for an onslaught of deliveries and service calls, and wondering how they’ll get it all done, route planning software tools like RouteSavvy are a company’s best friend.

Route planning software is especially important during December, whether you’re handling deliveries, picking up charitable donations, or handling service calls for millions of people getting their homes ready for entertaining.

And Christmas fleet management is not just about gearing up to deliver packages. A study from Fleetmatics Group PLC showed that 50 million households called for heating, plumbing, electrical, or roofing services during the December holidays. (Apparently, there’s nothing like having guests coming to get your act together to fix that leaky faucet, service the furnace, or get rid of the roof leak.)

Here’s how route planning software can help improve Christmas fleet management & operations during the holiday season, whether you’re handling service calls, deliveries, or pick-ups:

  • Reduce your fuel spend – When delivery or service call volume goes up, so does your fuel spend, unless you use a tool like RouteSavvy route planning software. These types of tools result in more efficient routing of the high-volume fleet activity and reduces the fuel spend.
  • Handle more stops per day – When holiday deliveries, service calls, or charitable donation pick-ups must occur on specific days, RouteSavvy can help you handle more calls per day and per week.
  • Reduced overtime labor – When you see a driver delivering an item at 7 pm in the dark, they’re working at overtime labor rates in most cases. While revenue often goes up during the holiday season, that additional revenue typically is reduced because of the over-time labor. A route planning software tool provides more efficient routing, and allows drivers to get more stops completed during regular business hours.
  • Increased customer satisfaction – When a customer is biting their nails waiting for an important delivery or a service call to fix the furnace before their guests arrive, a timely arrival or an early arrival definitely helps improve the customer experience.

Want to improve the productivity of your holiday deliveries, pick-ups, or service calls? Need help with Christmas fleet management? Deploy RouteSavvy now & you’ll save time, reduce fuel costs & make your customers very happy. Try the RouteSavvy Free Trial now, or visit: