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Route Planning Software Helps Improve Efficiency Of Holiday Deliveries

Route Planning Software Helps Improve Efficiency of Holiday Deliveries

It’s amazing that there are only about 8 weeks left in 2017, with a looming holiday delivery schedule that’s not for the faint of heart. For any business or non-profit bracing for a hefty schedule of deliveries and service calls tied to the end-of-year holidays, there’s still time to add route planning software to your fleet operations to improve the efficiency of your fleet during the holidays (and beyond).

Holiday Delivery Process Streamlined with Route Planning Software

If ever there was a time of year when route planning software should be deployed to improve fleet operations, it would be the end-of-year holidays (Thanksgiving, Hannukuh & Christmas). At this time of year, companies are expected to move at the speed of light, with holiday delivery overload.

Given that route planning software reduces miles driven, it both reduces the fuel spend and also allows drivers to shoehorn more deliveries, picks-up, or service calls into the day (without having to work till midnight).

Route planning software tools like RouteSavvy that are designed for small to mid-sized fleets can really make a difference in a company’s or non-profits holiday delivery schedule. When you’re running deliveries of holiday packages, offering holiday services like lighting & decoration, cleaning services & catering, or year-end donation pick-ups from non-profits, RouteSavvy is a fleet manager’s best friend during the year-end holidays.

One of the biggest concerns from fleet managers is that new technology will add stress and take more time so they don’t deploy it in advance of the holiday season. With RouteSavvy, that’s just not the case. RouteSavvy is very easy to use, and basic tasks like uploading routes and optimizing routes can be learned in an hour or less. That is one of the great benefits of route planning software tools for small to mid-sized fleets (less than 100 vehicles). It’s fast and easy to learn. The minute you start using it, you start saving money. And when you optimize routes for holiday delivery schedules (or pickups or service calls), businesses & non-profits can save an even more important commodity during the holidays: TIME.

That extra time from more efficient routes typically allows more stops to be completed in a normal business day. Not only does this help with customer satisfaction, but it reduces the increased fuel costs associated with this time of year, as well as overtime labor costs.

The bottom line: If you haven’t deployed RouteSavvy route planning software yet, now is the perfect time to deploy it, master it quickly, and then use this powerful, affordable tool to improve your holiday delivery operations in November and particularly in December.

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