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RouteSavvy API Documentation


RouteSavvy API is an easy-to-use REST service for optimizing driving stop order. RSAPI.svc allows both GET and POST options. Requests use JSON formatted strings and results are returned in JSON format for optimal use in web applications.

The optimized results return stops ordered for the most efficient driving route. Results include turn-by-turn directions for reach route leg, and a latitude, longitude polyline describing the route for display on a map.

Sample optimized Stops and RoutePath displayed over Bing Maps


GET – RSAPI.svc/GetOptimize requests are limited to the URL encoded parameter maximum length. Although this varies by browser, 2048 char is the typical suggested limit for encoding stops in the URL string. Because of the URL length limitation smaller numbers of stops can be optimized.

POST – RSAPI.svc/PostOptimize requests do not have URL length limitations and can accommodate large numbers of stops.


Base URL:

Service wsdl URL:


GET URL:{jsonquery}

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