RouteSavvy Competitive Advantage Helps Small & Mid-sized Fleets Thrive

Until RouteSavvy came along (powerful, affordable route optimization software specifically designed for small & mid-sized fleets), owners & managers of small & mid-sized businesses & nonprofits did not have access to the RouteSavvy competitive advantage.

Route optimization used to be the province of big companies who could afford expensive route optimization technologies. Not so any more.

The OnTerra Systems team that developed RouteSavvy has a mission of providing traditionally expensive technologies at affordable prices that allow small & mid-sized businesses to partake of them. By allowing access to traditionally expensive technologies, small & mid-sized businesses gain the RouteSavvy competitive advantage.

What Is The RouteSavvy Competitive Advantage & How Does It Work?

Owners & fleet managers achieve a number of competitive advantages when they deploy RouteSavvvy, both against direct competitors and much larger competitors. Let’s take a look at how this competitive advantage is achieved:

Competitive Advantage 1: RouteSavvy reduces operational expenses

The top 2 fleet operating expenses are: 1) fuel costs, and 2) labor costs. RouteSavvy helps reduce miles driven. Common sense dictates that this reduces fuel costs. In addition, when a driver can get more deliveries, pick-ups, or service calls done in a standard 8-hour day by using RouteSavvy, this reduces overtime labor costs.

  • RouteSavvy Competitive Advantage: Save money that can be deployed to capitol expenses, a stronger bottom line, investments in marketing, and more.

Competitive Advantage 2: RouteSavvy increases revenue

In addition to significant savings on operational expenses, RouteSavvy actually helps companies make more money. How? By reducing miles driven, RouteSavvy helps businesses shoehorn more deliveries, pick-ups, or service calls into each week. When you add up the total extra revenue generated each week, it can add up to significant additional revenue within just months, and most certainly, over the course of the year. Extra revenue flowing into the company coffers help provide more financial staying power.

  • RouteSavvy Competitive Advantage: A stronger bottom line and increased revenues provide a cushion, help companies obtain financing, and provide more staying power than a competitor that may be struggling during this pandemic.

Competitive Advantage 3: RouteSavvy improves customer satisfaction

RouteSavvy has a specific function that allows users to indicate the amount of time needed for a stop. This allows fleet managers to more accurately tell customers when their pick-up, delivery, or service call will actually occur. This helps improve customer satisfaction, retains customers, and can generate repeat business.

  • RouteSavvy Competitive Advantage: More accurate arrival times help generate happy customers who come back for more products or services.

RouteSavvy route optimization software provides specific competitive advantages that help businesses and non-profits survive and thrive, in healthy economic climates and most particularly, in a tough economic climate.

If you’re an owner or manager of a small or mid-sized business or non-profit involved in pick-ups, deliveries, or service calls who’s looking for ways to reduce operating costs and save precious cash, deploy RouteSavvy route optimization. It’s one of the simplest, cost-effective ways for businesses & non-profits with small to mid-sized fleets to both save money and generate more revenue. (Note: RouteSavvy costs just $300 per year. Based on RouteSavvvy customer case studies, this powerful route optimization software is saving businesses & non-profits anywhere from $3,000 to $15,000 per year, depending on the size of their fleet.)

Want to take RouteSavvy for a test drive. Try our Free, 14-day trial.

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