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RouteSavvy Enhancements Released – Excel (XLSX) Import, PDF Export, Filtering Etc.

RouteSavvy Enhancements Released – Excel (XLSX) import, PDF Export, Filtering etc.

We are excited to announce the latest release of RouteSavvy Route Planning software. RouteSavvy was developed in large part as an alternative to MapPoint and Streets & Trips products that were discontinued at the end of 2014.  Throughout 2015, we have been making numerous steps forward with RouteSavvy in direct response to customer and user feedback.  The release includes all of the remaining major enhancements that we expect to make in the near future. We’d love to hear your feedback.

Excel Import – In RouteSavvy you have always been able to import data using Excel files via CSV. You can now directly import Excel (*.XLSX) files into RouteSavvy, this removes the need to convert Excel files to CSV files prior to import and allows you keep working data in Excel.

PDF Export – RouteSavvy has always allowed you to print and export files with stops and directions. You can now directly download a PDF of your route, making it easier to share with users or save routes for later printing.

Small/Large Map Options – For mobile, print and PDF options you can now embed a small or large map with numbered locations, which make it easier to follow directions using the numbered map.

More Customization of Printing and Exports – With printing and export you can now more fully customize the data being displayed/exported. And also add additional notes for drivers etc.

Display Notes 2 and 3 in the Infobox – After importing/editing note 2 and 3 fields you can now see this data in the Infobox making it easier to use note information. Data in notes fields could be anything you want to reference for those locations e.g. customer name, contact names, order history, delivery history etc.

Keyword Filter – RouteSavvy now allows you to enter a keyword and filter the list of Folders and Locations which also filters Locations that are shown on the map. This is useful if you have a lot of Locations and Folders want to quickly find a specific Location. E.g. find a location by name, or names in a notes field, or if you want to filter Locations by state or zip.

Highlighting of Locations in Folders – When highlighting locations, they now also show Locations highlighted in Folders. This allows you to more easily correlate Locations in Folders with Locations on the Map.

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