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RouteSavvy Now Includes Enhanced Mobile Support

RouteSavvy Now Includes Enhanced Mobile Support

RouteSavvy is a route planning tool for desktop web browsers, hence really not designed to be directly used on mobile devices and tablets. However, after you create an optimized route with RouteSavvy, you or your driver(s) will often need to access the routes and directions while in the field. RouteSavvy has always offered printing, file and GPX exports which can be used on mobile devices, but now this has become much easier.

Today we are pleased to announce enhanced mobile support in RouteSavvy available immediately, you can now send to mobile. Which allows you to take route(s) created in RouteSavvy and access them more easily and quickly on mobile devices.

RouteSavvy mobile features include…

  • Send to Mobile i.e. plan and optimize with RouteSavvy in your desktop web browser then send routes for best view and use on mobile devices.
  • Mobile routes load quickly and easily on devices, can be used offline with quick links to navigation apps.
  • Support for hundreds of device and types including Android phones and tablets, Windows phones, IPhones, IPADs, Blackberry, Kindle etc.
  • Mobile routes are stored securely for 1 month.
  • RouteSavvy users can create as many mobile routes as you need with a unique link.
  • Mobile routes can optionally contain maps, directions, drive distance/time/ETA, notes and links to navigation apps.
  • Links to mobile apps allow you to use free Google, Bing and Waze navigation apps for turn by turn navigation, voice guidance and traffic.

To use the new mobile features, create a route in RouteSavvy and in the Directions tab select the new Mobile button.

Then add mobile notes e.g. driver instructions in the notes field, and choose the optional data/features you want to include in the mobile route. Options include address2 (e.g. suite #s), notes (per stop), directions, map image and navigation app links.

After you choose options, then hit Next.

RouteSavvy will generate a unique link for your route. You can save, copy/paste or email to yourself or mobile driver(s). Select Email Mobile Route Link to easily open a new mail containing the mobile route details.

In your new email dialog, enter the recipient and customize the message. Then send the email.

User receives your email and opens on their mobile device. Then click the RouteSavvy Mobile Route link.

RouteSavvy mobile route displays including static map and stops on your mobile device. This example is using the Chrome browser on an Android device.

For the stop you want to visit next, choose Google, Bing or Waze buttons. Choosing Google on an Android device will prompt you to use the local Google Maps app (available on the Google Play app store).

Then choose the Always option so this step will be ignored for additional stops.

The stop will open in Google Maps on your Android device. Choose the blue car icon and 1 or more route options will be displayed.

Choose Start Navigation for your preferred route.

Begin Navigation and make sure you turn up your mobile device volume to hear voice guidance etc.

If you choose Waze and the app is already installed on your mobile device then Navigation will begin automatically. If Waze is not installed on your mobile device visit the app store, install and follow the setup steps.

For more information and to sign up for a free 30 day trial click here.