Routesavvy revenue generation

RouteSavvy Revenue Generation Yields a Stronger Bottom Line

When fleet managers think about the benefits of route planning software tools like RouteSavvy, they most often think about saving money, and not about making money. But RouteSavvy revenue generation is a proven concept that improves the bottom line for businesses & non-profits alike.

How Does RouteSavvy Improve the Bottom Line?

There are 2 key ways RouteSavvy helps improve the bottom line.

First, RouteSavvy helps save money by significantly reducing fleet operating costs, including:

  • Reducing the fuel spend (which typically is 60% of a fleet’s operating budget)
  • Reducing maintenance costs for mileage-related fleet expenses (tire replacement & oil changes, to name a few examples)
  • Reduced labor & overtime labor costs (commercial drivers drive less to get the job done).

Second, RouteSavvy revenue generation occurs because more efficient routing allows businesses to shoe-horn more deliveries, pick-ups, sales, or service calls in the course of each week. The extra revenue from completing more deliveries, pick-ups or service calls can go straight to the bottom line.

Case Studies Prove RouteSavvy Revenue Generation Capabilities are SIGNIFICANT

RouteSavvy route planning software has been in use for more than a decade, and there’s proof from the field, from actual users, that RouteSavvy generates revenue. Here are some highlights:

Case Study 1: Cartridge World – Davenport, Iowa

Cartridge World is a thriving printer supply business with one fleet vehicle that is used to deliver printer supplies and to provide printer repair services at customer sites. The management of Cartridge World confirm that RouteSavvy is saving them roughly 15 hours per month. Time is money, and those saved hours are being used to generate more business and serve more customers in the store. Read the full Cartridge World Case Study.

Case Study 2: Fit Fixins Healthy Meal Delivery – St. Lucie, Florida

Fit Fixins delivers healthy prepared meals across 4 counties in southeast Florida. Those delicious meals have a safety shelf life of roughly 4 hours per meal delivery route. Before they started using RouteSavvy to optimize their delivery route, Fit Fixins was average 15-20 fresh meal deliveries per delivery route. Thanks to RouteSavvy’s ability to generate more efficient routes, Fit Fixins can now deliver roughly 35 fresh prepared meals per route. RouteSavvy has literally helped this company DOUBLE their meal delivery capacity. The extra revenue is going straight to their bottom line. Read the full Fit Fixins Case Study.

Case Study 3: Maier Tree & Lawn – Minnesota

Maier Tree & Lawn picked up RouteSavvy to optimize the routes of its 18 different fleet vehicles, including general transport vehicles, front-end loaders & bucket trucks for tree trimming. The bigger vehicles, in particular, are gas guzzlers, and the fuel costs are extensive. Once Maier Tree & Lawn started using RouteSavvy, they are saving roughly $5000 per year. Given that RouteSavvy costs $499 for a year for up to 3 users, Maier Tree & Lawn is getting a return on investment of roughly 10 to 1 for their subscription. What’s more, that extra $5,000 worth of savings each year can either go into the bank, or be redeployed to add specialty equipment, hire new talent, or spend more dollars on marketing. Read the Maier Tree & Lawn Case Study.

The bottom line is that RouteSavvy is a powerful revenue generation tool that helps the bottom line, for businesses & non-profits alike. The sooner you deploy RouteSavvy to optimize routes, the sooner you’ll start saving money & making more money.

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