RouteSavvy User Guide – 3.2 – Add Stops to A Route

To create a route, at least 2 locations (4 for optimizations) needs to be added to a route. Stops are added to a route at the folder level, or by adding individual locations, or locations inside a shape can be added as stops. Location(s) that are added to a routed with display as stops with rectangular icons with numbered labels indicating the current order are added to the map. The first stop of the list is green, the last red, and all others yellow.

There are multiple ways you can add stops to a route.

Add Individual Locations

Right clicking a location or left clicking the wrench in the list, and selecting “Add Location as Stop”.

You can also left click any location on the map and choose the add location as stop icon.

Add All Locations in Folders

Selecting “Add Folder as Stops” from a folder context menu will add all of the folder’s Locations to the current Stop list.

Add Locations inside Shapes

Right click inside a shape opens a context menu containing an option “Add Visible Locations as Stops.” This option will select all Locations inside the Shape and add them as stops. Context menu “Add Visible Locations as Stops” is also available for drawn areas without saving the area as a Shape.

Add Stops Warning

If any of the locations being added as a stop have geocoding issues, you will be displayed a warning. You can Accept Locations with Issues or Don’t Accept Locations with Issues. If you don’t accept the location(s) will not be added to a route.

If you have questions contact RouteSavvy and/or request a live demo/support session.