RouteSavvy User Guide – 3.1 – Route Planner Tab

The Route Planner tab is the second tab, it contains all the routing specific options and functions.

Routes drop down – Allows you to change the active route and add new routes with multi route features.
Optimize button – Will optimize route with shortest distance or shortest time, depending on route options selected.
Get Directions button – Will just update route directions and times, but will not re-optimize. This is useful if you have been manually changing stop order.
Route Options button – Allow you to review and edit route options for the active route.
Up/down arrows – Allows you to move the selected stop up or down in the list of stops.
icon – Allows you to remove the selected stop from the active.
 icon – Allows you to remove ALL stops from the active route.
icon – Allow you to zoom to ALL stops in the active route.
icon – Allows you to download all stops in current order as a CSV.

Individual Stop – Displays the current stop position. Right click or left click wrench icon to access stop actions and properties.

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