RouteSavvy User Guide – 3.4 – Edit Route/Stops

At any time a route can be edited, including changing route or stop options, adding or deleting stops, manually changing stop order, etc. When routes or stops are edited, this affects the route and the colored route line on the map will become dashed.

After any route/stop is edited, make sure you either click the Optimize or Get Directions button. Optimize will re-order the stops. Get Directions will just update the route distance/time/units and directions while preserving the current stop order.

Edit Current Stop list

The up and down arrows are used to move a Location up or down in the Stop list order.

Removes the current selected location.
Deletes all of the stops one the current route.
Zooms the map view to include all of the current stops.
Opens a file dialog and saves the current Stop list in optimized order to a local system .csv format file including, any notes added to Stops.

Edit Individual Stops

 Right-clicking on a stop or left-clicking the wrench icon opens the stop actions.

Screen Shot 2022-12-12 at 9.19.57 PM

From the stop action ‘Add this Stop as Start’ or ‘Add this Stop as End’ will COPY the stop to the the start or end, while leaving the selected stop in the current list position. This is useful for creating round trip routes by adding the start stop as also the end stop.

Delete Stop’ will delete this Stop from the list but not affect the Location folder.

Stop Properties” opens a dialog for editing the Stop properties, including the Stop NameTime at Stop, and any additional notes for the Stop.
NOTE:  Changing the Stop Properties does not change the properties of the Location (on the Map tab) from which the stop was created.

Stops may also be edited by right- or left-clicking the Stop icon on the map. If there are two Stops at the same address with differing Apt# or Ste#, selecting the customer will open an edit dialog window.

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