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RouteSavvy User Guide – 1.4 – License Management

RouteSavvy is licensed on a per user per year basis. Licensing starts at $300/year for up to 3 users, with additional user licenses at $100/user/year. Volume discounts apply for 10+ users.

A “user” is a person who performs the route planning tasks with RouteSavvy. User licenses cannot be shared and are allocated to anyone person who has access to the RouteSavvy in the license period. Drivers who only use the planned routes e.g. print outs, exports or mobile features do not need a RouteSavvy license. i.e. if you have 5 dispatchers and 50 drivers, then you only need 5 RouteSavvy licenses for the dispatchers.

For performance reasons RouteSavvy is limited to 300 stops per optimization, but no other limits to the number of optimization requests or use of any features per user.

Note – 14-day free trial accounts have full access to route planning features, but print, exports and mobile routes are limited to 3 stops per route. Paid accounts do not have export limits.

If you have questions contact RouteSavvy and/or request a live demo/support session.