RouteSavvy User Guide – 2.5 – Working with Folders

Folders are used to organize locations (addresses) in RouteSavvy, this could useful for different driver stops, territories, days of the week etc.

Folders can be created in a number of ways.

  1. Manually, click on the New Folder icon
Screen Shot 2022-12-07 at 10.27.21 AM

     2.  When adding multiple locations with the Data Wizard, a Folder field can be used to split imported addresses into multiple folders.

     3.  Cluster into New Folders.  This option is on the Wrench menu by each folder.  This allows you to take a folder and divide it into a set number of subfolders.

Filter Locations
The Filter Locations button will open a dialog where you can search for any location data, including the Name, Address, and Notes fields.  Eg. if you search for the term “smith”, you will see results for “John Smith”, “Smith Road”, “Smithville”, or any mention of “smith” in any of the notes fields.  This is a powerful tool if you have a large dataset.
Please note:  the Filter Locations function will filter locations in your Locations list, as well as on the map itself.
Be sure to press the “Stop Filtering” button when you want to turn off the filtering and see all of your locations again.

 Show Mobile Device Fixed Locations
Allows you to download fixed locations from a Mobile Device and save them into a Folder. 
For more information, see the Mobile Tracker User Guide.

Show Mobile Device Completed Stops
Allows you to download Completed Stops from a Mobile device and save them into a Folder. 
For more information, see the Mobile Tracker User Guide.

Folder Actions

Right-clicking or clicking on the wrench icon on a folder opens a context menu with a number of actions associated with folders and the locations they contain.

Zoom In to Folder – Option will zoom the map to the best view for displaying all of the Locations in the folder selected.
Show Folder on Map – This will hide/display the locations on the map, useful when you want to declutter the map to focus subset of locations. It will also improve performance to hide locations when working with large datasets.
Highlight Folder – Will add a yellow highlight to all of the locations in the folder
Unhighlight Folder – Removes the yellow highlight for all locations in the folder.
Export Folder to CSV – Will prompt for a local file to save the current folders Locations as a .csv file.
Add Folder as Stops – Will add all locations in the folder as stops, see section 3 on Route Planner
Delete Folder – Removes all the Locations from the map and deletes the folder.
Folder Properties – Will open a dialog window for editing icon style and name of the entire folder. Once saved the folder will reflect the edited features. Accept Geocoding Issues checkbox will accept a Location even if it has issues and changes the alert triangle to gray.
Cluster into New Folder – Will randomly group locations in a folder into subfolders based on their geographic proximity. Choose the number of clusters desired. Original folder remains unchanged, but the Show Folder on Map flag is turned off so original folder is not shown on the map. Delete clustered folders if you want to try again with a different number of clusters.

If you have questions contact RouteSavvy and/or request a live demo/support session.