RouteSavvy: Providing Small Businesses One of the Most Potent Tech Tools To Survive The Pandemic

With the second round of PPP money close to running out of funds, RouteSavvy provides small businesses with one of the most powerful, practical tech tools to survive the pandemic.

Whether you’re running a small business turning to home deliveries to survive, or whether you’ve been involved in pick-ups, deliveries, or service calls all along, affordable route optimization software like RouteSavvy help small businesses MAKE money and SAVE money. Let’s take a look at how RouteSavvy achieves this.

How RouteSavvy Helps Small Businesses MAKE Money

In simple terms, RouteSavvy helps small businesses generate more efficient routes for their fleets to drive to customers for pick-ups, deliveries, or service calls.

When you drive more efficient routes for those deliveries, service-calls, or pick-ups, it allows businesses to shoe-horn more deliveries into the workday, the work week, or the work month.

Those extra deliveries of products or services add up to more money in the coffers. Let’s look at some examples of how something as simple as being able to make some extra product or service deliveries helps a small business:

Restaurants & Catering Businesses: Deliver 5 extra food & alcohol orders a week at $50 each = $250 per week; $1,000 extra dollars per month; $12,000 extra income per year.

Microbreweries: Deliver 5 extra 12-packs of beer per week to 5 customers = $75 per week, $300 per month; $3,600 extra income per year.

Distillery: Deliver 5 extra bottles of premium whiskey = $375 per week; $1,500 extra per month; $18,000 extra income per year.

Home Health Care Services: Visit 3 more seniors per week for 2 hours = $150 per week; $600 per month; $7,200 extra income per year.

Hopefully these examples illustrate how something as simple as optimizing your routes can add up to big bucks over the course of a year, and for a very modest investment.

RouteSavvy costs just $300 per year.

How RouteSavvy Helps Small Businesses SAVE Money

When you optimize your routes, you drive fewer miles. Driving fewer miles saves a lot of money, especially over time. Here’s where you’ll find your savings from driving more efficient routes:

Reduced Fuel Costs: Even when fuel is cheap, it’s still 60% of your fleet’s operating costs. Look at how much money you would save if you cut this major fleet operating expense by 10%.

Reduced Maintenance Costs: When you drive fewer miles, it takes longer before you need mileage-related maintenance such as oil changes. If you have 5 trucks or vans, and you can eliminate an oil change or two for each vehicle over the course of the year, those savings either go straight to the bottom line as profit, or it simply reduces the overhead you have to hit each month.

Higher Resale Value on Your Fleet Vehicles: In some cases, more efficient routing means you need one less vehicle to service your customers. If you decide to put one of your fleet vehicles on the market, you’ll make money & further reduce your fleet operating costs. In addition, because there are less miles on that odometer, you’ll get a higher resale value if you decide to sell one of your fleet vehicles.

The bottom line is that RouteSavvy Route Optimization Software is a small business owner’s best friend…in good times and bad times. In good times, you save money & make money. In bad times, those savings could mean the difference between continuing your business and shutting the doors. In both those circumstances, RouteSavvy is one of the most practical, powerful & impactful tech tools to survive the pandemic.

Want to learn how to save your business with RouteSavvy route optimization software? Sign up for our Free, 14-day trial and you’ll get the full functionality of RouteSavvy FREE through June 30, 2020. Once you sign up for the free 14-day trial, we’ll be in touch to activate full functionality of this powerful routing software tool free through June 30, 2020, and we’ll also schedule a free, one-on-one tutorial to learn how to use RouteSavvy FAST. Sign up now!

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