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Tips For Choosing Route Optimization Software

Tips For Choosing Route Optimization Software

Tips For Choosing Route Optimization Software

Before you buy route optimization software for your small to mid-size fleet, it’s wise to make sure that specific features & functions are on your shopping list so you ensure your investment produces great ROI.

For starters, let’s talk about the free stuff. The old saying: “You get what you pay for” totally applies when it comes to route optimization software. If you need to optimize one route for a special event, then by all means, use the free route planners. The drawback is that these free route optimization tools have many built-in limitations such as only being able to optimize up to 10 stops. If you have more stops in your day than 10, you’re out of luck with the free versions.

But if you’re operating a small to mid-sized fleet in support of your delivery, pickup, or service business, then spend just a modest amount of money (less than $10 per month per user) and the added functionality will make a world of difference in optimizing your routes day after day, week after week. In the process, you’ll reduce the miles driven, reduce your fuel spend, lower your overtime labor costs, and your customers will be happier, too.

Highlights of tips on choosing route optimization software include:

1) Make sure it’s web-based. In this day and age of cloud computing, there’s no need for managers of small to mid-sized fleets to waste time and money installing software on your own computers. Just used web-based route optimization software and the only tools you’ll need to optimize routes are a computer and an internet connection.

2) Make sure the route optimization software can process routes FAST. Let’s face it: watching paint dry is more interesting than watching a computer screen, waiting for something to process. The worthy route optimization software tools can process and optimize a route for your small fleet in seconds.

3)  Make sure the route optimization tool offers mobile integration. You should still be able to print out routes for your drivers. But for those who’ve embraced technology and are comfortable using their smartphone or a tablet to follow the route and get turn-by-turn driving instructions, it’s key that route optimization software integrates with mobile devices.

If you’re researching route optimization software for your small to mid-sized fleet, there are 10 key features that should be on your shopping list. Please read our expert article on this, located in the Knowledge Center, and learn more: How To Choose The Right Route Optimization Software for your Small to Mid-sized Fleet.