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Why An Online Route Planner Is Best For Small To Mid-sized Fleets

Why an Online Route Planner Is Best for Small to Mid-sized Fleets

For managers of small to mid-sized fleets handling pick-ups, deliveries, and sales calls who want more efficient routing, an online route planner should be the number one priority. Because of the time and money they save, route planning software in general offers tremendous benefits and improvements to the bottom line.

But once management has decided to invest in route planning software, it’s key to invest in the right route planner with the most-needed attributes to truly make a difference for your business.

One of the most important features of a high-performing route planner for small to mid-sized fleets is that it’s an online route planner.

In the old days, when small & mid-sized businesses needed software, they purchased the software, loaded it onto their office computers, and then maintained the software with periodic updates offered by the software developer.

Now that cloud-computing and Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) applications have come into being, route planning, along with many other types of business software, has been transformed.

With SAAS (online) route planning software, your account and routes are stored securely, typically on a website that you access with a user name and password. Once that route planning tool has been accessed via a website, users simply use its functions to optimize routes to save time and money. Payment is usually through a monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription.

Top 5 Benefits of Using an Online Route Planner

There are 5 main benefits of an online route planner designed for businesses with small to mid-sized fleets:

  • No Software to Load: With online route planning software, there’s no software to load on your computer. The routing software resides on a website and is available for use once you log into your account.
  • No Software to Maintain: It stands to reason that, if you don’t have to load software onto your own computers, you don’t have to maintain that software yourself.
  • Software Is Always Up to Date: With online route planning software, updates are managed and implemented at the website where the software is accessed. This means that every time you log into your online route planner, the software is up to date, and you’re accessing the latest and greatest version.
  • No Maps to Load or Maintain: You never have to perform map updates to keep map data up to date, that is done automatically with the software.
  • Affordable: When software is accessed online, via a secure website, there are no boxes or packaging involved. Maintenance and updates are centralized for efficient updates. All this saves money, and the savings associated with this cost-effective way of delivering software can be passed on to customers.

The bottom line is that there are MANY “pros” for businesses with small to mid-sized fleets using an online route planner vs. a route planner that’s installed on their office computers. When choosing route planning software, one of the most important features that should be on your shopping list is that it’s online.

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