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The Top 3 Reasons Why Web-based Fleet Routing Software Is Best

The Top 3 Reasons Why Web-based Fleet Routing Software Is Best

Fleet Routing Software has been used as an efficiency tool since the early 1990s to streamline routing and improve the efficiency of fleets used for pickups, deliveries, and service calls. But the array of fleet routing software solutions have grown to include a dizzying array of options and technical approaches.

For small to mid-sized fleets, web-based fleet routing software is the best way to go & we’ll explain why.

What is Web-based Fleet Routing Software?

Web-based fleet routing software is route optimization software that’s accessed via the web by paying a subscription. This software lives in the cloud, with a private, password-protected account that fleet managers access any time they need to optimize routes for their fleet. Another term that’s used to describe web-based fleet routing software is: SAAS. This stands for “Software As A Service.”

RouteSavvy ( is a prime example of web-based fleet routing software.

Three Reasons Why Your Routing Software Should Be Web-based

No Software Maintenance Needed – With web-based fleet routing software, the software “lives” at a central source and is maintained by the software development company. This means users of the software:

  • Don’t have to load anything on their own computers
  • Don’t have to maintain the software or deal with upgrades

More Affordable – Web-based fleet routing software is more affordable because you don’t have to buy the software. Instead, you just pay for a modestly priced subscription to use the routing software.

More Processing Power & Speed – When you deploy web-based fleet routing software, you get the benefit of a software solution powered by a bigger array of servers & computing power than you might have in your own offices. This ensures that you have all the processing power you need to optimize routes for all the vehicles in your fleet, without having to invest a lot of money in computer infrastructure within your company or non-profit.

There are a lot of options on the market for web-based route planners for small to mid-sized fleets. Regardless of which offering you choose, just make sure that routing solution is web-based.

Need information on affordable, effective, web-based fleet routing software that’s been proven in the field? Visit, or take RouteSavvy for a test drive with our Free 14-day Trial.