RouteSavvy™ Route Optimization Software Overview

RouteSavvy is powerful, easy-to-use Route Optimization Software designed for businesses & nonprofits involved in deliveries, pickups, service calls & sales calls. RouteSavvy greatly simplifies, streamlines & automates the route building, planning & optimization process.

As a result of its powerful features & automation of the route planning process, RouteSavvy:

  • Helps businesses & nonprofits SAVE money
  • Helps businesses & nonprofits MAKE money
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RouteSavvy News: You Asked For It. We Built It!

New RouteSavvy Software Engine Now Provides Automated, “One-Click” Multi-Vehicle Route Optimization

September 2023 News Flash: OnTerra Systems USA, the developers of RouteSavvy route planning software, has introduced a new route optimization software “engine” and automated, multi-vehicle optimization in RouteSavvy route optimization software. Initially, this new release is a beta version of multi-vehicle optimization for customers & prospects to test drive & provide feedback to the OnTerra team.

RouteSavvy has offered multi-vehicle route optimization previously. However, RouteSavvy now has automated, multi-vehicle optimization. With this powerful new feature, fleet managers can upload the addresses and, with one click, RouteSavvy automatically will generate more efficient routes for the multiple vehicles for business or non-profit fleets.

This new functionality also provides automated route balancing. This means RouteSavvy will review all the stops for the day, and generate efficient routes that are evenly balanced with the same approximate time for completion of the day’s work for the vehicles in the fleet.

Here’s What The New RouteSavvy Engine Can Do!


RouteSavvy is now up to 30% faster in optimizing routes

RouteSavvy now offers advanced handling of bad addresses on routes

Routes generated by RouteSavvy can accommodate up to 300 stops, and 20 vehicles per optimization.

Multi-vehicle optimizations & advanced route balancing is now available

RouteSavvy is now up to 30% faster in optimizing routes

RouteSavvy now offers advanced handling of bad addresses on routes


Routes generated by RouteSavvy can accommodate up to 300 stops, and 20 vehicles per optimization.

Multi-vehicle optimizations & advanced route balancing is now available

RouteSavvy Features Three New Parameters for Multi-Vehicle Optimization

Driver’s Availability

RouteSavvy now can factor in start and end work times for drivers with multi-vehicle route optimizations. If all the stops on the route cannot be completed within the driver’s availability, then those extra stops will automatically be placed in the “un-routable” folder.

Number of Vehicles

RouteSavvy now can optimize routes for up to 20 different vehicles. This function also can be used to optimize routes for one driver over multiple days of routing.

Minimum Vehicles / Routes Calculator

RouteSavvy now can calculate the minimum number of vehicles and routes that will be needed for a specific number of stops. For example, if a business or non-profit has five vehicles, but the stops (deliveries, pick-ups, service calls, or sales calls) can be completed with the use of only three vehicles, RouteSavvy automatically will optimize three routes for 3 vehicles instead of five. Users also may choose to evenly spread the stops among all the vehicles in the fleet.

Want to learn more info about RouteSavvy’s new software engine & multi-vehicle optimization?

Automated Route Planning: The Next Evolution Of The Route Planning Process

Automated route planning is truly the next evolution of this helpful, money-saving, time-saving technology. Why? Up till now, the process of uploading routes, building routes, and then optimizing them involved a certain amount of manual work.

In 2022, our development team took RouteSavvy to a new level – with functions that automate the route planning process, upgraded delivery management functions…and more!

Happy RouteSavvy Users Speak Out!

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Who Needs RouteSavvy Route Optimization Software?

RouteSavvy has been designed for any company, organization, or individual professional that needs to plan more efficient routes in order to save time, money, and enhance customer service and satisfaction. RouteSavvy also is a powerful Microsoft MapPoint and Microsoft Streets & Trips alternative.

What Industries Need RouteSavvy Route Optimization Software?

Any industry involved in deliveries of products or services, pick-ups, collections, sales or service calls, or multi-stop driving benefit from RouteSavvy route planning software. Check out a list of industries that benefit from our route planning software.

RouteSavvy Generates Optimized Routes in 3 Easy Steps!

Drag-n-drop your location data (addresses) onto the RouteSavvy Welcome Window

Let RouteSavvy automatically build & optimize the route

Export the data to your drivers smartphone or tablet, or provide a print-out.

RouteSavvy Optimizes Routes In 2 Ways

RouteSavvy optimizes your multi-stop route in two ways; just choose which is right for your business or organization.

Round Trip Route-OnTerra

Option 1: Round Trip Routing

i.e. start at your office or home location, and finish up at your office or home location

Start To Finish Route-OnTerra

Option 2: Start-to-Finish Routing

i.e. start at your office or home location, and end wherever your last stop of the day is located

How Does RouteSavvy Help Businesses & Nonprofits With Fleets?

RouteSavvy route optimization software reduces miles driven, which results in:

Increase revenue
coins and increasing revenue graphic
Improve profitability
Achieve immediate ROI
hand holding dollar sign graphic
Reduce fleet operating costs
gas pump graphic
Reduce fuel costs
briefcase & sand timer graphic
Reduce overtime labor costs
delivery truck graphic
Maximize your fleet
delivery driver in truck graphic
Retain your drivers
truck and gps symbol graphic
Improve driver accountability
clock graphic
Save time planning routes
smiling face graphic
Increase customer satisfaction
leaf and cloud graphic
Reduce carbon footprint

How Does RouteSavvy Work?

RouteSavvy route optimization software has a profoundly positive effect on your business or non-profit! RouteSavvy allows users to:

  • Upload multiple locations with one drag-n-drop action
  • Create efficient & optimized routes for deliveries, pickups, service calls, or sales calls
  • Get directions
  • Export or print the optimized route & directions for use by drivers
  • Integrate with mobile devices for driver guidance, turn-by-turn navigation & affordable GPS tracking using a smartphone
Learn how RouteSavvy Works. Watch this short video.


RouteSavvy’s ability to generate efficient routes typically leads to increases in business revenue & profitability, because more deliveries, pick-ups, or service calls can be shoe-horned into the work week.

RouteSavvy Features

In January 2022, the RouteSavvy team introduced a new version of RouteSavvy with new delivery management & productivity features that make it easier & faster to optimize routes. Here’s a look at some of the new features & functions:

Easy Route Builder
Load data & optimize a route in less than 60 seconds

Drag-n-Drop Functions
Drag-n-drop location data, move specific stops up or down, or auto route building

Start Route Default Settings
Set your start & end route locations; RouteSavvy will remember

Powerful Mobile App
Mobile functions + smartphone-based GPS tracking

Delivery Management / Service Call Management
Send optimized routes to the app, proof-of-delivery photo capture, signature capture + notifications

Route Cloning Function
Route cloning: a faster way to create a new route.

Address Auto-Populate
Address auto-populate function suggests options for faster address additions.

Enhanced Route Line Display
Route lines can be overlaid onto territories for better route planning decisions.

Quick Zoom Function
Zoom to specific addresses on the map with one click.

RouteSavvy Pricing

RouteSavvy offers huge bang for the buck, with affordable monthly pricing based on the number of vehicles in your fleet.

RouteSavvy Route Planning Software Overview |

RouteSavvy Return on Investment

RouteSavvy brings massive ROI to the mix, and typically pays for itself in first week of use – with savings on fuel, fleet maintenance & overtime labor costs.

RouteSavvy: The Ideal Microsoft MapPoint and Microsoft Streets & Trips Alternative

Now that Microsoft MapPoint and Microsoft Streets & Trips are no longer supported, RouteSavvy is the optimal MapPoint & Streets & Trips alternative. RouteSavvy’s interface is designed like MapPoint & Streets & Trips, making it easy to transition to RouteSavvy and hit the ground running.