RouteSavvy: A Powerful, Affordable Microsoft MapPoint Alternative

When Microsoft announced that it was phasing out its MapPoint and Streets & Trips software, the announcement left many users looking for a Microsoft MapPoint alternative.

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The Best Alternative to MapPoint and Streets & Trips

RouteSavvy emerged as the ideal alternative to MapPoint and Streets & Trips and helps MapPoint users make an easy transition to RouteSavvy. Here’s why:

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Similar Interface

RouteSavvy’s interface is very similar to MapPoint and Streets & Trips

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Saves Time

No wasted hours trying to learn a new interface

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Microsoft Preferred Partners

RouteSavvy’s developers (OnTerra Systems) are a long-time Microsoft Preferred Partner


RouteSavvy is super affordable and priced similarly to MapPoint?

RouteSavvy costs just $499 a year.
Other MapPoint alternatives are charging double what RouteSavvy costs…or more.

RouteSavvy Mirrors The Most Popular & Most-used Functions In MapPoint

Why RouteSavvy?

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Immediate ROI

You’ll start saving time & money the day you start using RouteSavvy

Easy to learn & use!

A Familiar Interface

RouteSavvy’s interface is similar to MapPoint, so it’s easy to get up to speed FAST

A Simple Route Optimization Process

Just 3 steps to optimize a route with RouteSavvy

Automated Routing Software

Continually Updated Mapping Data

MapPoint maps are no longer updated. RouteSavvy’s maps are consistently updated.


RouteSavvy costs just $300 per year. This is HALF of what other MapPoint alternatives are charging.


No software to buy, load, or maintain.