RouteSavvy Pricing

If you’re looking for affordable route planning software for your small to mid-sized fleet, RouteSavvy pricing will fit your budget. Why?

It’s one of the most powerful – and most affordable – route planning software solutions on the market today.

RouteSavvy Pricing:

Affordable. Easy To Understand. No Hidden Costs!


$499 per year

Pricing Model

1 Flat Annual Fee

Per Vehicle Charge

You will NOT be charged extra for optimizing routes if you add more vehicles to your fleet.


When you pay for your annual subscription, you get access to ALL the functionality of this software.
(Other routing software solutions offer low-priced options but then limit the routing functions you can access)

Take RouteSavvy For A Test Drive!

This powerful route optimization software costs just $499 a year, which works out to around $40 a month.

Many other route optimization software solutions:

  • Cost 2-3 times more per month
  • Charge you more when you add vehicles to your fleet
  • Offer a low price but limit what routing functions you can use
Pricing Comparison

Powerful Routing Functions

RouteSavvy offers the routing features & functions that are needed to cut fleet operating costs & help you make more money. Here are highlights:

Upload Addresses With Excel or CSV Files, or Manually

Zoom, Copy, Change, Delete locations
Easily Add & Edit Stops
Handles Multiple Routes for Multiple Vehicles
Print Out Your Routes

Export Routes to Smartphones & Tablets

Interface with Audio Turn-by-Turn Directions
Ability To Set Up Territories
Handy Auto Save Function
Extra GPS Tracking Using Smartphones Available, Too

RouteSavvy Brings A MASSIVE Return on Investment (ROI)

Our customers report saving upwards of 10 times their $499 investment.