RouteSavvy Pricing

If you’re looking for route planning software for your small to mid-sized fleet, RouteSavvy pricing will fit your budget. Why?

It’s one of the most powerful – and most high-value – route planning software solutions on the market today. 

Route planning functionality is the basic package. Mobile + smartphone-based GPS Tracking is an optional add-on.

Two Pricing Options: Monthly or Annual

Pay Monthly

Pay Yearly & Save

RouteSavvy Pricing

Monthly Per-vehicle Pricing. Buy Just What You Need.

RouteSavvy Route Planning Software

$39 USD

(per vehicle/per month)

Number of VehiclesMonthly Cost
1$39 per vehicle
2-5$30 per vehicle
6-10$25 per vehicle
11+Volume pricing

RouteSavvy Mobile + GPS Tracker

$15 USD

(per vehicle/per month) – (optional add-on)

Number of VehiclesMonthly Cost
1$15 per vehicle
2-5$12 per vehicle
6-10$10 per vehicle
11+Volume pricing

RouteSavvy Route Planning Features​

RouteSavvy Mobile + GPS Tracker Features

RouteSavvy Brings A MASSIVE Return on Investment (ROI)

Our customers report saving upwards of 10 times their monthly investment.