RouteSavvy Pricing

If you’re looking for route planning software for your small to mid-sized fleet, RouteSavvy pricing will fit your budget. Why?

It’s one of the most powerful – and most high-value – route planning software solutions on the market today. 

Route planning functionality is the basic package. Mobile + smartphone-based GPS Tracking is an optional add-on.

Two Pricing Options: Monthly or Annual

Pay Monthly

Pay Yearly & Save

RouteSavvy Pricing

Monthly Per-vehicle Pricing. Buy Just What You Need.

RouteSavvy Route Planning Software

$39 USD

(per vehicle/per month)

Number of VehiclesMonthly Cost
1$39 per vehicle
2-5$30 per vehicle
6-10$25 per vehicle
11+Contact Sales

RouteSavvy Mobile + GPS Tracker

$15 USD

(per vehicle/per month) – (optional add-on)

Number of VehiclesMonthly Cost
1$15 per vehicle
2-5$12 per vehicle
6-10$10 per vehicle
11+Contact Sales

The number of “vehicles” for a RouteSavvy software license is defined as the maximum number of unique vehicles of any type having routes planned within RouteSavvy software concurrently out on the road on any given day within a month.  The license is not tied to any specific vehicle or driver.  Many businesses have a vehicle fleet with a set number of vehicles that are all regularly and consistently being routed with RouteSavvy software.  If you have part time vehicles, seasonal use or other scenarios Contact Sales for specific pricing and options.

RouteSavvy Route Planning Features​

RouteSavvy Mobile + GPS Tracker Features

RouteSavvy Brings A MASSIVE Return on Investment (ROI)

Our customers report saving upwards of 10 times their monthly investment.