RouteSavvy: Powerful, Automated Routing Software

for Small to Mid-sized Fleets

RouteSavvy News Alert: New RouteSavvy Software Now Provides Automated, Multi-Vehicle Route Optimization

RouteSavvy’s automated routing software is a fleet manager’s best friend.

RouteSavvy automated routing software greatly simplifies & automates the route planning process…making every RouteSavvy user a power user!

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Here’s What RouteSavvy Can Do For You:

  • Automated location data uploading using drag-n-drop
  • Automated route building
  • Automated route optimization
  • Automated review of incomplete or incorrect addresses
  • Automated route building based on a specific start or end route location

The Results?

  • Fast, easy address uploads!
  • Fast, easy route building!
  • Optimized routes generated in seconds!

RouteSavvy Gets 5-star Reviews!

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RouteSavvy = Powerful Routing Functions

RouteSavvy Automated Routing Software:

  • Optimizes 100s of routes with 100s of stops
  • Shows multiple routes on the screen at the same time
  • Organizes routes by territories
  • Provides mobile device integration for turn-by-turn navigation
  • Provides innovative, smartphone-based GPS tracking
  • Saves time & money that goes straight to the bottom line
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RouteSavvy is ideal for

Field Services
Pick-Up & Collection
Transport Services
Service & Sales Call Businesses
Individual Professionals

Highlighted RouteSavvy Case Study

Learn how RouteSavvy automated routing software helped the Fit Fixins’ meal delivery company DOUBLE its meal delivery capacity & revenue.

When Fit Fixins’ owners started delivering healthy meals to Florida customers, they had no idea that RouteSavvy route planning software would be such a powerful, game-changing meal delivery route planning tool.

RouteSavvy Automated Routing Software + RouteSavvy Mobile App: An Unbeatable Combination

RouteSavvy Automated Routing Software & the RouteSavvy Mobile App are an unbeatable combination. RouteSavvy Routing Software generates efficient routes. The RouteSavvy Mobile App is a cost-effective, add-on that brings additional mobile capabilities + innovative, affordable GPS tracking using a smartphone.

RouteSavvy Automated Routing Software

RouteSavvy Mobile App

RouteSavvy = Massive Return On Investment

With affordable per-vehicle, per-month pricing, RouteSavvy often pays for itself in the first days it’s in use. In simple terms, RouteSavvy generates more efficient routes. More efficient routing means you spend less money on:

  • Fuel
  • Fleet maintenance tied to mileage
  • Labor costs…and more!
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