RouteSavvy Route Builder Service

Don’t have time to learn how to optimize routes? Let the RouteSavvy team help with the RouteSavvy Route Builder Service!

If you want to deploy RouteSavvy route optimization software but don’t have the time to learn this powerful route planning software, there’s a solution: The RouteSavvy Route Builder Service.

With the RouteSavvy Route Builder Service from OnTerra Systems (the developers of RouteSavvy), our team will build your routes for you. This RouteSavvy route building service brings you all the benefits of generating more efficient routes, with the RouteSavvy team doing the heavy lifting.

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Yes. I’d like to have the RouteSavvy team build my routes for me.

What Is The RouteSavvy Route Builder Service?

The RouteSavvy Route Builder Service is a service offered by the RouteSavvy team. The RouteSavvy team will obtain addresses for your deliveries, pickups, service calls, or sales calls, and do the initial route building for you. This means you don’t have to learn a new piece of software until you have time to do so. Instead, the RouteSavvy Route Builder Service allows your organization to achieve all the benefits of route planning software (lower fuel costs, reduced fleet maintenance costs, delivery management functions, etc.) without having to learn the software.

RouteSavvy Route Builder Service Process

The RouteSavvy Route Builder Service package includes up to 4 hours of consulting time that includes the following tasks:

Step 1 - Initial Consult:

The RouteSavvy team will schedule a screenshare to coordinate the process and understand how you want your routes organized.

Step 2 - Implementation:

We will upload your address data and build the routes based on your desired parameters. (Routes can be organized by territories, cities, or quadrants of a city, by drive-time perimeters, and more.) Then we’ll export the routes to a PDF format, and/or mobile export to your drivers.

Step 3 - Final Approval:

We’ll schedule another screenshare to show you the final routes and make any final changes to the routes that you need.

What Does The RouteSavvy Route Builder Service Cost?

The cost of the RouteSavvy Route Builder Service is a one-time fee of $499. With this approach, you don’t have to buy a monthly RouteSavvy subscription. You just let the RouteSavvy team build the routes for you. Once the initial service package is completed, we’re also available to make additional changes and edits to your routes at our standard hourly rate of $125 per hour.

If, in the future, you decide to optimize your own routes, a discounted monthly RouteSavvy license is available.

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How Does RouteSavvy Help Small- to Mid-sized Fleets?

RouteSavvy route planning software reduces miles driven, which results in:

Increase revenue
coins and increasing revenue graphic
Improve profitability
Achieve immediate ROI
Reduce fleet operating costs
gas pump graphic
Reduce fuel costs
Reduce overtime labor costs
Maximize your fleet
Retain your drivers
Improve driver accountability
clock graphic
Save time planning routes
Increase customer satisfaction
Reduce carbon footprint