RouteSavvy Training – Premium

RouteSavvy Premium Training is a paid training option for RouteSavvy users who want to take their user of RouteSavvy to a new level, or who just learn technology best when they have one-on-one tutorials.

RouteSavvy is known for its excellent roster of options for tech support, with friendly US-based support reps, a handy user guide, and more. RouteSavvy Premium Training provides an enhanced user training offering that’s prepaid. The cost is $600 for 4 hours of premium, one-on-one training time with a US-based RouteSavvy customer support specialist. (Additional hours can be purchased as needed, once the 4 hours of premium support have been used.)

Purchase RouteSavvy Training – Premium

RouteSavvy Premium Training provides enhanced, one-on-one user training time with a friendly US-based RouteSavvy user training specialist.

RouteSavvy Premium Training can include:

  • General 1-on-1 web-based training
  • Learning new and advanced RouteSavvy features…and more!

RouteSavvy Premium Training provides another advanced training offering for RouteSavvy users, in addition to our RouteSavvy Standard User Support. Feel free to choose the RouteSavvy user support option that best meets your needs.

  • Premium Training hours must be used within 1 year of purchase.
  • Premium Training does not provide specific route planning tasks, i.e. customers are responsible for completing route planning and field implementation.