RouteSavvy History & Development Highlights

RouteSavvy is a powerful, affordable route optimization software tool with a rich history and a proven track record of helping small & mid-sized businesses & non-profits save money, operate more efficiently, and generate more revenue.

Check out the RouteSavvy history just below:


RouteSavvy algorithm developed


Beta version of RouteSavvy introduced


RouteSavvy formally launched


RouteSavvy was in use, while OnTerra Systems was developing other product offerings.

RouteSavvy Application Program Interface (API) for software developers introduced.


April 2015 - RouteSavvy 1.5 Introduced

New version of RouteSavvy offers more functionality at the same price

November 2015 - RouteSavvy Introduces new premium API

New RouteSavvy API allows developers to integrate the RouteSavvy “engine” into applications they are building.

December 2015 - RouteSavvy introduced as a Microsoft MapPoint and Streets & Trips alternative.

RouteSavvy unveiled as the premier MapPoint & Streets & Trip alternative due to its similar interface.

March 2016 - RouteSavvy Features New, Enhanced Territories Function

RouteSavvy developers unveil new “Territories” function aimed at helping fleet managers organize deliveries, pick-ups & sales calls by territory.

June 2016 - RouteSavvy Update For Mobile Devices

RouteSavvy now features enhanced support for mobile devices.

January 2017 - OnTerra Systems introduces new multi-route features

OnTerra’s developers release new features for fast, easy multi-route routing.

June 2017 - New version of RouteSavvy based on Bing Maps 8 introduced

This new release of RouteSavvy offers faster route optimization & new features including increased number of stops & new street side view.

September 2017 - OnTerra Introduces Route Optimization Software Buying Guide

New route optimization buying provides insights & top buying tips for route optimization software.

February 2018 - OnTerra Systems Announces Affordable Access to Microsoft’s New Fleet Management APIs

Powerful, new fleet management APIs from Microsoft now available through OnTerra Systems, including: Truck Routing, Distance Matrix, Isochone API & Snap-to-Road API.

May 2018:

OnTerra Systems Announces New RouteSavvy Application Programming Interface (API)

July 2018 - RouteSavvy API Now Includes Predictive Traffic Capabilities

Predictive Traffic is an advanced route optimization feature that allows fleet managers to plan a multi-stop route based on when the route will be driven.

January 2019 - OnTerra Systems Introduces Low-cost GPS Fleet Tracking as Part of RouteSavvy Offerings

Innovative, new GPS fleet tracking feature in RouteSavvy offers cost-effective way for small fleets to get GPS Tracking using the driver’s cell phone.

April 2020 - OnTerra Systems Announces Free, Local, 10-step Home Delivery Plan To Help Small Businesses Weather the Pandemic

OnTerra Systems outlines 10-step plan to help restaurants, catering businesses & local retail quickly set up home delivery services using RouteSavvy

January 2022 — Powerful new RouteSavvy functions are introduced.

Route Cloning, Address Auto-populate, Enhanced Display of Route Lines, Quick Zoom function, Exportable Drive Distance & Drive Time Data, Support for SSL.

February 2022 — RouteSavvy introduces a new mobile app that offers new delivery management / service call management functions.

Proof-of-delivery photo capture, signature capture, mark a stop as complete, and notifications to customers that a delivery or service call has been completed. RouteSavvy GPS tracking has been upgraded to include one-click on/off, battery optimization, fixed location tracking, and more.

May 2022 — RouteSavvy automated route planning functions introduced that streamline the route planning process.

New capabilities include Automated Address Data Upload, Automated Route Building, Drag-and-Drop navigation, and new settings for default route start & route end location.