RouteSavvy = Affordable Delivery Route Planner Software

When the pandemic of 2020 forced local businesses to turn to local home deliveries to meet customer demand, or to survive, RouteSavvy emerged as the delivery route planner software of choice.

However, many businesses that are now delivering their food, wine, beer, or hard goods found out the hard way that the costs of deploying home delivery can cause businesses to lose money if you don’t optimize your delivery routes.

That’s why delivery route planner software solutions like RouteSavvy are a necessity for businesses & non-profits that want to cost-effectively offer local home delivery of their products to make money vs. losing money.

Delivery Route Planner Software

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Fuel costs are the biggest operating cost for your fleet (60%). RouteSavvy helps reduce this major operating cost.

Here’s how RouteSavvy Delivery Route Planner Software Makes Money & Saves Money

coins and increasing revenue graphic
Increase Revenue

Delivery route planner software lets you shoe-horn in more deliveries per day because of more efficient routing. More deliveries = more revenue!

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Reduce Fuel Costs

Fuel costs are 60% of fleet operating costs. More efficient delivery routing cuts these operating costs.

Reduce Labor Costs

Labor costs for drivers & admins are the next biggest cost of operating a fleet. RouteSavvy reduces miles driven & hours of driving, and reduces admin time spent on building routes.

Easy to learn & use!
Reduce Vehicle Maintenance Costs

When you drive fewer miles per day, it’s that much longer before you have to deploy vehicle maintenance tasks tied to mileage (oil changes & tire replacement).

RouteSavvy Costs Just

$ 0 / Year

& Yields A MASSIVE Return on Investment


The day you deploy RouteSavvy is the day you start immediately saving money on fuel costs, labor costs & vehicle maintenance costs.

How Does RouteSavvy Work?

Using RouteSavvy to generate the most efficient routes is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

delivery addresses​

Upload your delivery addresses

efficient route

Hit the “Optimize” button to generate the most efficient route

Export the route

Print and/or Export the route to your driver’s cell phone or tablet.

RouteSavvy = Easy To Learn & Easy To Use

Easy to learn & use!

RouteSavvy is easy to learn & use!

Many customers say they learned to use RouteSavvy
in 15-20 minutes.

Free 1-on-1 Tutorials!

Free 1-on-1 Tutorials!

We also offer free one-on-one tutorials from our friendly
US-based customer support reps.