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Iowa-based Cartridge World Uses RouteSavvy Route Optimization & Fleet Tracking To Save 2 Days of Work Time Per Month

Printer Supply Routing Case Study | RouteSavvy Route Optimization | OnTerra Systems USA

In this printer supply routing case study, we explore how Davenport, Iowa-based Cartridge World is using RouteSavvy Route Optimization & RouteSavvy Fleet Tracking to improve its operations.

With more than 100 deliveries occurring each week, Cartridge World has used RouteSavvy route optimization and fleet tracking to significantly improve their operations, and save time & money. Cartridge World sells re-manufactured ink and toner cartridges, as well as offering a full range of printer and copier repair, and managed print services. Cartridge World has a store, and also has a booming delivery and service business with one vehicle that serves a 25-mile radius.

As a result of deploying RouteSavvy route optimization first, and then RouteSavvy fleet tracking, Cartridge World is saving its managers roughly 15 hours per month, and achieving greater flexibility in serving customers who need emergency deliveries or printer repair services.

Printer Supply Routing Case Study | RouteSavvy Route Optimization | OnTerra Systems USAPrinter Supply Routing Case Study: Cartridge World Found That “Free” Route Planning Software Isn’t Free

When Cartridge World managers first started optimizing routes, they tried free services like Mapquest & Google. “Our people were spending a lot of time optimizing routes. We started optimizing routes with MapQuest but it changed and became more difficult to use,” said Josh Park, Cartridge World’s Operations Director. “Then we tried Google Maps but there was a limit on the number of stops you could add.”

After that, the Cartridge World team researched affordable route optimization software tools and found RouteSavvy. “With free maps, there’s a lot of manual work. With RouteSavvy, we specify the stops for the day, hit the ‘optimize’ button once, review the route, easily re-arrange stops if needed, and we’re off to the races,” said Park. “The efficiency we got from RouteSavvy is completely worth the modest cost.”

Printer Supply Routing Case Study | RouteSavvy Route Optimization | OnTerra Systems USAPrinter Supply Routing Case Study: RouteSavvy Saves Cartridge World A Half Day of Time Each Week

Josh Park used to have to build the day’s delivery routes and spent at least an hour each day manually developing the day’s delivery route. “A 25-stop day is normal for us, so it would take me an hour to manually build the route. With RouteSavvy, it takes about 15 minutes,” he said.

By saving 45 minutes each workday, Cartridge World route planners are saving about a half day of time each week, or close to 2 full days of time each month.

RouteSavvy also saves on fuel costs because of more efficient routing. But the time savings for Cartridge World managers has had a huge and positive impact on company operations.

“RouteSavvy saves us so much time. By making the route planning easier and faster, store managers & workers can spend more time on pulling products and helping customers who visit the store,” said Park.

Printer Supply Routing Case Study: New RouteSavvy Fleet Tracking Using Cell Phones Sweetens the Operational Improvements

In January 2019, the RouteSavvy team introduced one of the most innovative & affordable fleet tracking solutions on the market today. RouteSavvy Fleet Tracker allows RouteSavvy subscribers to deploy fleet tracking using a smartphone or a tablet that’s in each delivery vehicle. The fact that RouteSavvy Fleet Tracker uses a mobile device means that the cost of fleet tracking is much lower, and even the most modestly sized fleets can now afford to deploy fleet tracking.

Cartridge World already had been using RouteSavvy for years prior to adding the optional fleet tracking capabilities. “RouteSavvy Fleet Tracker greatly reduced the cost of entry into fleet tracking,” said Park. “We had an extra iPhone so we put service on it, loaded the RouteSavvy Fleet Tracker app, and started tracking the location of our delivery vehicle,” he said.

Three key benefits emerged from adding RouteSavvy Fleet Tracker, according to Mr. Park.

1-Increased Customer Satisfaction

First, office staff are saving even more time and customers are happier because they can call the store and ask about the status of their delivery. Instead of having to put the customer on hold and call the driver, Cartridge World staff working in the store can jump onto the RouteSavvy Fleet Tracking app, see where the delivery vehicle is located, and give the customer an accurate assessment of when their delivery will arrive without any delay or extra calls.

2-Better Driver Accountability

Second, drivers are more efficient and accountable. “RouteSavvy Fleet Tracker has generated more efficiency from the drivers. They do their job better because they know the vehicle is being tracked. The savings from that is cost you can’t put a price on but you get more efficiency out of your employees,” said Park.

3-Ability to Handle More Emergency Service Calls

Third, RouteSavvy Fleet Tracker allows Cartridge World to add extra stops in the route if needed. “During the delivery day, we have unexpected things that come up,” explained Park. “By tracking where the vehicle is, we can shoe-horn in an extra emergency stop, which is helpful if we get an emergency call that someone’s printer is down.”

Printer Supply Routing Case Study | RouteSavvy Route Optimization | OnTerra Systems USAPrinter Supply Routing Case Study Summary

The old saying: “Time is money” has held true over time. RouteSavvy route optimization helps Cartridge World gain a couple days of staff time per month, which can be applied to other needed tasks. RouteSavvy fleet tracking functions allow Cartridge World to provide better customer service and earn more revenue from emergency service calls.

“RouteSavvy is so much easier to use and so much faster than anything else we’ve ever tried. My favorite part of RouteSavvy is that it saves us so much time. I would never go without it.”

If you need an affordable, highly functional route optimization and/or fleet tracking for your small to mid-sized fleet, try the RouteSavvy Free, 14-day Trial.

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