Case Study-White Picket Produce

Produce Delivery Routing Software Case Study: RouteSavvy Route Planning Software Helps Thriving Organic Produce Delivery Business Save $4,500 Annually

When Sharyn Vross founded White Picket Produce (, her goal was to create an organic produce delivery business. A long-time health and fitness professional and an avid cook, she wanted to transform the way people view food and meal time by delivering healthy, fresh, organic produce to people’s doorsteps. As part of this business, she needed produce delivery routing software to help lower the cost of delivering fresh organic produce.

With a team of 4-5 drivers, each White Picket Produce vehicle delivers between 20 & 40 boxes of organic produce per day to locations throughout Sarasota, Florida.

By bringing fresh, organic produce to people’s homes, she’s helping people’s health and enjoyment of food. And when she added RouteSavvy produce delivery route planning software to the mix of technology tools for running the business, she’s helping both the planet and the profitability of her business.

“Thanks to RouteSavvy, we are saving roughly $85 per week, and roughly $4,500 per year.” – Sharyn Vross, Owner, White Picket Produce.

Organic Produce Delivery Business Case Study | RouteSavvy

Along with a strong interest in fitness, health, and healthy food, Sharyn also is a tech-savvy business owner making use of as many technology tools as possible to help the business run smoothly and profitably. She uses a software tool for the management and packing of the organic food boxes.

To better manage the routing of daily deliveries, she chose RouteSavvy produce delivery routing software. “We use software to manage the preparation of organic produce boxes. It just seemed logical that we would use a route planning tool to make it easier for our drivers,” explained Ms. Vross.

RouteSavvy helps White Picket Produce streamline the process of planning routes by the office staff, saving roughly 2 hours per week.

Once the office staff uses RouteSavvy to optimize the routes for the delivery drivers each day, it reduces the miles driven, saves money on fuel costs, saves wear-and-tear on delivery vehicles, and reduces the company’s carbon footprint.

“Thanks to RouteSavvy, we are saving roughly $85 per week, and roughly $4,500 per year,” she said. “With the savings that were generated from efficient routing, RouteSavvy paid for itself in the first month of use.”

There are multiple route planning software tools on the market designed for small to mid-sized fleets. Sharyn Vross chose RouteSavvy for three main reasons:

1) Affordable cost (RouteSavvy costs a modest, per-vehicle, per month subscription.)

2) Ability to integrate with their existing software

3) Ease of use

Now that RouteSavvy’s in place, it has helped White Picket Produce make planning the routes simple & efficient, according to Ms. Vross. “Our drivers don’t have to worry about driving all over town to do their jobs,” she said. She also mentioned that when potential employees who will be drivers see the technology (RouteSavvy) and how easy it is to use, it helps with recruiting good employees.

She particularly likes RouteSavvy’s ability to manually place stops on the map that don’t exist on other map data, because Sarasota has new neighborhoods that are not yet included in online mapping data.

All in all, this organic produce delivery business is making great strides in helping its customers eat more healthfully while also helping the planet. RouteSavvy produce delivery routing software does its part by reducing fuel usage and carbon emissions, and generating operational savings that can go straight to White Picket Produce’s bottom line.