RouteSavvy Demo/Tutorial Videos

These demo videos detail how to use most of the features of the RouteSavvy Route Planning Software, if you would prefer a live demo from one of our RouteSavvy experts schedule a live demo session.

1. Getting Started with RouteSavvy

Learn how to login to RouteSavvy, understand browser/computer requirements and auto-save features.



2. RouteSavvy Locations

Learn how to add addresses, work with individual locations and organize in folders.



3. RouteSavvy Data Wizard

Learn how to upload bulk addresses with Excel/CSV files, including notes and stop times.



4. RouteSavvy Shapes & Territories

Learn how to use shapes on the map for selection and display and create territories with zip codes/states etc.

5. RouteSavvy Route Planner

Learn how to add stops to a route, change route options and optimize.


6. RouteSavvy Directions and Mobile

Learn how to view driving directions, export/print and send optimized routes to mobile devices.


7. RouteSavvy Project Files

Learn how to save your work, open existing project files and share projects with other users.