RouteSavvy™ Route Planning Software Overview

RouteSavvy is powerful, easy-to-use, web-based Route Planning Software designed for small- to mid-sized fleets used for pick-ups, deliveries, collections, transport, field services, and individual professionals. RouteSavvy from OnTerra Systems helps your business or organization grow and thrive!

Route Planning Software

How Does RouteSavvy Route Planning Software Work?

RouteSavvy’s concept is simple yet has a profoundly positive effect on your business or organization! RouteSavvy allows users to:

  • Input multiple locations
  • Organize locations
  • Create efficient and optimized routes for deliveries, service, or sales calls
  • Get directions
  • Then prints or exports the optimized route and directions for use by drivers
  • Integrates with mobile devices for driver guidance and turn-by-turn navigation
Learn how RouteSavvy Route Planning Software Works, watch this short video.

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“RouteSavvy is saving our company an average of $60 per DAY.”

-Shaun Hitchman, Operations Manager

How Does RouteSavvy Help Small- to Mid-sized Fleets?

RouteSavvy route planning software reduces miles driven, which results in:

Immediate ROI!
Save time!
Reduce your fuel spend!
Improve profitability & operations!
Reduce overtime labor costs!
Reduce your carbon footprint!

Who Needs RouteSavvy Route Planning Software?

RouteSavvy has been designed for any company, organization, or individual professional that needs to plan more efficient routes in order to save time, money, and enhance customer service and satisfaction. RouteSavvy also is a powerful Microsoft MapPoint and Microsoft Streets & Trips alternative.

What Industries Need RouteSavvy Route Planning Software?

Any industry involved in deliveries of products or services, pick-ups, collections, sales or service calls, or multi-stop driving benefit from RouteSavvy route planning software. Here’s a list of the types of industries that benefit from our route planning software:

Airport Shuttle Service
Alarm and Security
Appliance Install/Repair
Asset Recovery
Auto Parts/Repair
Bakery Deliveries & Pick-ups
Beauty Supply
Beverage Machine Refills
Cable/Satellite Sales
Cable/Satellite Installation
Carpet Cleaning
Catering Businesses
Charitable Donation Pick-ups
Chimney Sweeps
Cleaning Services
Computer Support
Courier Services
Dairy Deliveries
Deliveries (general)
Driveway Sealcoating
Dog Grooming
Dog Walking
Education/Tutor Visits
Electrician services
Field services
Fire and Water Restoration
Fire Safety & Inspection Services
Fleet Maintenance and Repair

Flooring Services
Food & Meal Delivery Services
Grocery Delivery Services
Gutter Cleaning Services
Handyman Services
Home Health & Nursing Services
House Cleaning
Housekeeping Services
HVAC – Heating and AC
Ice Deliveries
Laboratory Courier
Lawn Care
Laundromat / Cleaners
Law Enforcement
Maid Services
Medical Deliveries
Medical Equipment Installation
Municipal Government
Non-Profit Organization
Paper Shredding/Scanning
Patio and Deck

Pest Control
Pet Sitting
Plumbing Services
Political Organization
Pool and Spa Maintenance
Power Washing Service
Printing & Press
Propane & Energy Delivery
Process Serving
Real Estate
Residential Cleaning
Retail Furniture
Satellite Dish Installation
Secret Shopper
Septic Tank Cleaning
Service Calls
Siding Installation Service
Snow Plowing & Removal
Social Services
State Government
Taxi/Limo Service
Tourism & Tour Planning
Vehicle Transport
Waste Collection
Window Cleaning


“RouteSavvy saves us between $100 to $150 per week.”

Angela Morgan, Maier Tree & Lawn

Lawn Business Case Study | RouteSavvy Route Planning Software

How Does RouteSavvy Work?

Optimize Your Route in 3 Easy Steps!

Upload your delivery addresses

Hit the “Optimize” button to generate the most efficient route

Print and/or Export the route to your driver’s cell phone or tablet.

RouteSavvy Optimizes Routes In 2 Ways

RouteSavvy optimizes your multi-stop route in two ways; just choose which is right for your business or organization.

Round Trip Route-OnTerra

Option 1: Round Trip Routing

i.e. start at your office or home location, and finish up at your office or home location

Start To Finish Route-OnTerra

Option 2: Start-to-Finish Routing

i.e. start at your office or home location, and end wherever your last stop of the day is located


RouteSavvy offers MASSIVE return on investment. Typical savings from using RouteSavvy are 10 times (or more) the cost of the modestly priced annual subscription.

RouteSavvy: The Ideal Microsoft MapPoint and Microsoft Streets & Trips Alternative

Now that Microsoft MapPoint and Microsoft Streets & Trips are no longer supported, RouteSavvy is the optimal MapPoint & Streets & Trips alternative. RouteSavvy’s interface is designed like MapPoint & Streets & Trips, making it easy to transition to RouteSavvy and hit the ground running.

RouteSavvy is super cost effective

RouteSavvy offers huge bang for the buck. RouteSavvy costs just $499 per year for up to 3 users. ROI is IMMEDIATE, and RouteSavvy usually pays for itself in one week of usage. (More than 3 users? Add $100 per user per year. For volume users, contact OnTerra Systems to discuss volume pricing.)

Up to 3 users per year

$499 =
$14 per month per user

More than 3 users per year

$499 base price +
$100 per year per additional user

Volume Pricing

Contact OnTerra Systems to discuss volume pricing.

Why Should I Choose RouteSavvy over other route planning software solutions?

Here’s why RouteSavvy is the route planning software of choice for businesses, organizations, and individual professionals who travel multiple stops in the course of their day, and want to do so as efficiently as possible.

Built by recognized route planning and web mapping experts
Web-based, subscription-based route planning software
Easy to use
Mobile integration for turn-by-turn navigation
Ideal Microsoft MapPoint and Streets & Trips alternative

RouteSavvy Route Planning Software Will Transform Your Operations & Help You Save Money!

RouteSavvy Route Planning Software is the answer to better, more efficient operations, reduced operating costs, and more. Let RouteSavvy transform your fleet operations & improve your bottom line!