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RouteSavvy User Guide – 1.2 – Access/Login

To register for RouteSavvy visit 

Once you have registered for RouteSavvy, a welcome email will be sent to your email address, containing a web link with your license key. The license key is unique to your account and should be kept private.  Example: Clicking on the link will load RouteSavvy and login automatically, no need to remember a user name and password.

The “Welcome to RouteSavvy” dialog indicates the number of open RouteSavvy instances active and licensed, and offers the option of using a previously auto-saved project. If your browser is closed, your working locations, stops, shapes and all data are automatically saved, available for the next time you access RouteSavvy. Make sure you select “Continue Previous Work” or if you wish to start a brand new session simply select the “Start Over” Button.

When RouteSavvy loads the initial screen provides an option to center the map based on your browser’s geo-location, this doesn’t save your location just centers the map to your location. You can Allow Once or Allow Always or Ignore if you don’t want the map to be centered.

If you have questions contact RouteSavvy and/or request a live demo/support session.