RouteSavvy User Guide – 5.2 – Shape Edit/Actions

Shape Actions

Right-click any empty space (not over a location or route line) inside a Shape to open a context menu of actions.

Zoom In to Shape” changes the map view to center on that Shape.

Highlight/Unhighlight Locations inside Shape” adds or removes yellow highlighting to the Locations inside the Shape.

Remove Visible Locations inside Shape” deletes Location icons inside the area. This is a permanent removal of Locations from their folder.

Add Visible Locations as Stops” adds all the Locations inside the shape to the currently active route in the Route Planner tab.

Move Visible Locations to another Folder” moves Locations inside Shape to a different folder.  This action opens a dialog box to choose the destination folder.

Export visible Locations as CSV” opens a file dialog and saves the Locations in the Shape to a .CSV format file.

Delete Shape”, “Shape Properties”, and “Edit Shape” options provide edit capabilities for the selected Shape.

Shape Properties” selection allows edits to the Shape name, fill color, and opacity.

Edit Shape

The edit option for circles adds edit icons to the center and the radius. Click and drag the circle center icon  to reposition the circle in a new location. Click and drag the radius icon to adjust the size of the circle. The Finish button will save the Shape with the new edits when edits are complete. The Cancel button will remove the edits and revert to the original Shape.

The Edit Shape option for rectangles and polygons adds edit icons to each vertex and additional vertices in-between each existing vertex. Each of these icons may dragged to a new position. When edits are completed the Finish button will save the Shape with new edits. The Cancel button will remove the edits and revert to the original Shape.

Right-clicking on the shape in the menu or left-clicking the wrench icon will also access shape actions, eg. Delete Shape, Shape Properties, and Edit Shape etc. Additionally, in this menu you can Show Shape on Map and Show Shape Label on Map to show or hide shape and label.

Show Shape on Map” toggles shape visibility on the map.  This is how you can hide the shape temporarily without deleting it.


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