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If you’re looking for powerful, affordable & easy-to-use alcohol delivery software, RouteSavvy is the answer. RouteSavvy allows beer, wine & spirits producers, distributors & resellers to lower the cost of delivering alcohol products right to your customer’s doorsteps. RouteSavvy also generates revenue by allowing you to shoehorn more alcohol deliveries into each week, month, and year.

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What Is Alcohol Delivery Software?

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Alcohol delivery software is route optimization software that automates & streamlines the process of generating the most efficient routes for your alcohol deliveries.

How Does Alcohol Delivery Software Work?

RouteSavvy Alcohol Delivery Software offers a simple, straightforward, 3-step process for generating the most efficient routes for alcohol deliveries to businesses or consumers.

Step 1:

Upload the addresses of the day’s deliveries into RouteSavvy. (You can upload this information via an Excel or CSV file – or you can manually type in the data.) Organize the deliveries by territories or specific vehicles as needed.

Step 2:

Hit the “Optimize” button within the RouteSavvy interface. (RouteSavvy will then generate the most efficient delivery routes in a minute or two.)

Step 3:

Print the route to give to drivers, or Export the route to the driver’s smart phone or tablet – so the driver can get turn-by-turn directions related to the optimized delivery route.

“RouteSavvy’s ability to generate more efficient routes for our alcohol deliveries has resulted in fuel cost savings, less vehicle wear-and-tear, overtime labor cost reductions & healthier drivers.”
Nonprofit Fleet Route Optimization Case Study | | OnTerra Systems USA
Tom Spencer, Manager, Crossroad Vintners

Benefits of Alcohol Delivery Software

Alcohol Delivery Software brings a wide array of benefits for alcohol producers, distributors & resellers. Here’s a look at how RouteSavvy Alcohol Delivery Software can transform your business:

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Increase Revenue

RouteSavvy lets you shoehorn in more deliveries per day, week & month.

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Reduce Fuel Costs

Fuel costs are 60% of fleet operating costs. More efficient delivery routing cuts these operating costs.

Reduce Labor Costs

Labor costs for drivers & admins are the next biggest cost of operating a fleet. RouteSavvy reduces miles driven & hours of driving, and reduces admin time spent on building routes.

Reduce Vehicle Maintenance Costs

When you drive fewer miles per day, it’s that much longer before you have to deploy vehicle maintenance tasks tied to mileage (oil changes & tire replacement).

Alcohol Delivery Software Case Study

RouteSavvy case studies are a great way to learn how RouteSavvy helps businesses save money & make more money. This RouteSavvy case study highlights how Indiana-based Crossroad Vintners uses RouteSavvy to efficiently deliver beer, wine & spirits throughout the whole state.

RouteSavvy = Easy To Learn & Easy To Use

RouteSavvy is easy to learn & use!

Many customers say they learned to use RouteSavvy
in 15-20 minutes.

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