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RouteSavvy Fleet Tracker: The Best Fleet Tracking For Small Business

RouteSavvy Fleet Tracker: The Best Fleet Tracking for Small Business

Virtually every manager of a small to mid-sized fleet has researched the best fleet tracking for small business, only to find that most fleet tracking systems are still beyond the budget of a small business or small fleet…until now. OnTerra Systems, the makers of RouteSavvy, are pleased to introduce RouteSavvy Fleet Tracker – innovative, cost-effective GPS tracking for small to mid-sized fleets using the driver’s cell phone or tablet that costs as little as $4 per vehicle per month.

As a result of this innovative technical approach to fleet tracking, small & mid-sized fleets can get access to GPS fleet tracking at a fraction of the cost of traditional GPS fleet tracking systems. RouteSavvy Fleet Tracker technology is available as part of RouteSavvy Route Optimization Software.

The new RouteSavvy Fleet Tracker features allow fleet managers to track and monitor vehicles in the fleet by using a driver’s mobile device.

A Look At What RouteSavvy Fleet Tracking Can Do

Here’s what the RouteSavvy GPS Fleet Tracking features can do:

  • RouteSavvy Fleet Tracker can track the location of vehicles in a fleet by tracking the position of the driver’s cell phone or mobile device.
  • The fleet tracking technology provides vehicle location positions as far back as a week. (This is known as “bread crumbs.”)
  • Data from the RouteSavvy Fleet Tracker can be exported into Excel for review, analysis, or record-keeping.
  • The RouteSavvy Fleet Tracker also can compare the route that was planned with the actual route that was driven.

RouteSavvy Fleet Tracker: The Best Fleet Tracking for Small Business for So Many Reasons

This new RouteSavvy GPS Fleet Tracker is a game-changer & finally allows even the smallest fleets to be able to afford to deploy fleet tracking. Here are some of the key features:

  • Low upfront costs & monthly costs as low as $4 per vehicle per month
  • No extra, expensive fleet tracking hardware needed
  • Runs on Android phones & iPhones
  • Easy to set up; easy to use
  • Privacy setting for weekends & evenings
  • Efficient: Fleet Tracker is optimized to reduce smartphone battery usage

How To Get RouteSavvy GPS Tracking

It takes just 4 simple steps to get RouteSavvy Fleet Tracker

Step 1: Get the RouteSavvy GPS phone app by searching “RouteSavvy GPS” on Android Play or Apple iTunes store & install it on your smartphone. (This is a free download / install.)

Step 2: Log in to your RouteSavvy account on your desktop or laptop browser, or sign up for a free trial of RouteSavvy.

Step 3: On each phone you want to track, find the 5-digit device ID in the RouteSavvy GPS phone app settings. Then, enter the device ID into the RouteSavvy Web app using the “Set Up Phone for Tracking” option.

Step 4: Click on the Bullseye icon and you can see the location of that particular smartphone or view / export history data.

What Does Traditional Fleet Tracking Cost?

Traditional GPS fleet tracking systems cost $20-$50 per vehicle per month, plus the cost of special fleet tracking hardware that has to be installed in each vehicle.

What Does RouteSavvy Fleet Tracker Cost?

The mandatory base license for RouteSavvy route optimization software is $300 per year. Once you have RouteSavvy route optimization software, the addition of fleet tracking for your small to mid-sized fleet costs an additional $500 per year for up to 10 phones or tablets. (Additional phones that needed to be tracked cost just $50 per year.)

If you have 10 drivers, this works out to be roughly $4 per vehicle per month. And there’s no need to buy any special fleet tracking hardware.

“Our innovative, affordable approach to fleet tracking finally allows even the smallest fleets to deploy fleet tracking with low upfront costs, low monthly costs, no special hardware, and fast ROI.” – Steve Milroy, OnTerra Systems President

If you’ve been searching for the best fleet tracking for small business, check out RouteSavvy Fleet Tracker. For more information, visit, and try our Free, 14-day Trial.