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New Trends In Route Management Software 2024

As we move deeper into 2024, new trends in route management software are emerging that will have a large & positive impact on how businesses & non-profits use route optimization software.

It’s common knowledge that route management software brings a whole host of benefits already – from less miles driven and reduced fuel and fleet maintenance costs to increased productivity and less carbon emissions. However, significant new functionality options are transforming and improving route optimization software even more. With that in mind, here are top trends in route management software that will be game-changers for businesses & non-profits.

2024 Route Management Software Trend 1:
Automated Multi-vehicle Route Optimization

Many route management software solutions already can perform route optimization for multiple vehicles. Traditional multi-vehicle optimization simply means that the software can develop efficient routes for multiple vehicles in the fleet. But game-changing technology advances in this area now mean that some route management software solutions such as RouteSavvy can now accommodate developing multiple, efficient routes for multiple vehicles in the fleet with the upload of one list – and divide those addresses (stops) by the number of vehicles in the fleet – with one click. In essence, this new functionality makes it much faster and much simpler to develop multi-vehicle routes. In the case of multi-vehicle route optimization from RouteSavvy, there are three ways multi-vehicle route optimization can be performed:

  • Driver’s Availability: RouteSavvy can factor in start and end work times for drivers for use with multi-vehicle route optimizations. If all the stops on the route cannot be completed within the driver’s availability, then those extra stops will automatically be placed in the “un-routable” folder.
  • Number of Vehicles: RouteSavvy can optimize routes for up to 20 different vehicles. This function also can be used to optimize routes for one driver over multiple days of routing.
  • Minimum Vehicles / Routes Calculator: RouteSavvy now can calculate the minimum number of vehicles and routes that will be needed for a specific number of stops. For example, if a business or non-profit has five vehicles, but the stops (deliveries, pick-ups, service calls, or sales calls) can be completed with the use of only three vehicles, RouteSavvy automatically will optimize three routes instead of five.

2024 Route Management Software Trend 2:
Automated Route Balancing

New routing software functionality also includes automated route balancing. Automated route balancing means that the route optimization software can review all the uploaded addresses and create efficient routes that balance the stops between the number of vehicles in your fleet. This prevents the scenario of one driver from having too many stops, which can’t be completed within the work day while another driver may finish their route by noon and then have nothing to do. Automated route balancing helps businesses & nonprofits make the most efficient use of their drivers and their fleet vehicles.

2024 Route Management Software Trend 3:
Route Balancing Across Existing Routes

Another new helpful route optimization function is the ability to rebalance routes across existing routes. New route optimization functionality can be applied to routes that have been in use for years. Improved route planning algorithms can review all the stops from existing routes and balance the stops across the existing fleet vehicles. Some route optimization software solutions, including RouteSavvy, now offer the ability to review all existing routes and re-optimize, or re-balance, all the stops across multiple fleet vehicles.

There are some exciting new trends in route management software that will make it faster and easier to develop efficient routes for deliveries, pickups, service calls, and sales call. These new tech trends will bring a host of benefits including saving money & reducing operating costs to being able to shoe-horn more stops into each week, which increases revenue.

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