How To Create A Positive Product Delivery Experience with RouteSavvy

How To Create A Positive Product Delivery Experience with RouteSavvy

With so many consumers turning to home delivery for items they used to buy in stores, it’s important to deploy technology that helps create a positive product delivery experience. Automated Route Planning Software is a critically important tool that can help retain existing customers, and to generate new customers.

How Does Route Planning Software Help Create A Positive Product Delivery Experience?

Automated route planning software tools like RouteSavvy help create a positive delivery experience in many ways. Here are just some of the ways RouteSavvy can help businesses & non-profits generate a positive delivery experience that leads to more customers, more people served & lower operational costs.

Timely Deliveries: Route planning software generates more efficient delivery routes. When delivery drivers have to drive less miles to get the job done, they typically can provide more timely deliveries of products.

Proof of Delivery-Photograph: With porch pirates running rampant these days, it’s helpful to receive an email that your products have been delivered. This helps customers snag the package before someone steals it. RouteSavvy offers the capability of photographing the delivered item – which RouteSavvy route planners or office managers can send on to customers to alert them the product has been delivered.

Proof of Delivery-Notification: RouteSavvy also offers the capability of providing delivery notifications. Once the delivery driver has dropped off the package(s), the driver also can provide a delivery notification. The folks back at the office can then forward the notification to the customer by email or text.

Proof of Delivery-Signature Capture: If an item to be delivered has a high value & requires a signature from the recipient, the RouteSavvy Mobile App offered in conjunction with the main software offers that capability.

Priority Delivery Re-Routing: When a customer needs a priority delivery, or a priority service call, office route planners can simply drag the priority location up in the queue, to accommodate special, high-priority customer deliveries or emergency service calls.

Research Shows That The Customer Experience Helps Determine Customer Retention

These days, the quality of a customer’s experience plays a huge role in obtaining customers and retaining customers. This is why it’s so important to deploy affordable, automated route planning software to both improve operations and enhance the customer’s product delivery experience. Here are some important statistics to back up the importance of creating a positive customer product delivery experience with route planning software.

73% of customers agree that their customer experience helps drive their purchasing decisions. (Source: PWC)

Customers will spend up to 10% more of their money for a quality customer experience. (Source: Forbes Magazine)

Customer-focused companies increase their revenue 1.4 times faster than non-customer-focused companies. (Source: Forrester Research)

A 2% increase in customer retention creates the same improvements in profitability as cutting operating costs by 10%. (Source: Forbes Magazine)

When business management deploys strategies to create a positive product delivery experience, those actions have a huge and positive impact on the company’s bottom line. If you’re running a business involved in local home delivery of products, you owe it to yourself, your company, and your customers to invest in automated route planning software to improve the delivery experience.

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