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Improving Fleet Efficiency

Improving Fleet Efficiency

RouteSavvy Route Planning Software Improves Fleet Efficiency

Every fleet manager knows that improving fleet efficiency reaps big rewards that positively affect the bottom line. When assessing what strategies should be deployed to improve the efficiency of small to mid-sized fleets, the best guideline is to deploy fleet efficiency strategies that don’t cost much but produce great ROI fast.

If you haven’t considered adding route planner software to your fleet efficiency initiative, you should! Web-based route planner software tools like RouteSavvy are affordable, require no software installation to your in-house computers, and have been proven to pay for themselves within the first month of using them.

Consider this: today’s web-based route planner software tools “live” in the cloud, and you pay for a subscription. (RouteSavvy, for example, costs roughly $8 per person per month.) Once your account is set up, you simply use your computer and an Internet connection to access the power and speed of an online route planner.

When fleet managers are looking to improve fleet efficiency, the first thing they should do is deploy a web-based route planner. By deploying a route planner, fleet managers will:

  • Reduce miles driven
  • Reduce their fuel spend
  • Reduce overtime labor costs
  • Increase productivity and customer satisfaction

Any route planner software tool worth its salt will immediately start improving efficiency, thus saving time and money. For example, a company owner with a small fleet of vans deployed RouteSavvy, and started saving so much money that he paid for his annual investment in less than 2 weeks. This customer is now saving $15,000 a year that goes straight to the bottom line. An added plus: he’s saving TIME. This particular customer was spending his evenings preparing the next day’s routes manually, and that took valuable time away from his family. After deploying RouteSavvy, he’s saving more than $1,000 per month, and he’s regained his evenings to spend with his wife and youngsters.

There are plenty of options for improving the efficiency of small to mid-sized fleets. The trick is to choose the technologies that don’t take an army of computer geniuses to deploy and which can be put into operation quickly and easily. Route planner software like RouteSavvy is the number one option for improving efficiency and typically pays for itself within the first month its in use.

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