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Coming In June: How Route Planning Tools Improve Fleet Productivity

Coming in June: How Route Planning Tools Improve Fleet Productivity

It’s the age-old question that keeps managers of small to mid-sized fleets up at night: How do I improve fleet productivity without spending a fortune to do it? Those involved in the daily work of managing deliveries, pickups, and service calls know that a modest improvement in productivity can make a BIG difference in the bottom line over time.

In June, we’re going to focus on how to improve the productivity of small to mid-sized fleets, with a minimum of effort and expense, and a maximum of measurable results that go straight to the bottom line. This can be accomplished using affordable route planning software tools like RouteSavvy.

It stands to reason that improving productivity is a good thing. When productivity improves, you get more done with existing resources. And those productivity improvements positively improve the balance sheet, with dividends that keep going and going.

While there are many strategies for improving productivity for small to mid-sized fleets, route planning software is easily one of the fastest, simplest, and most affordable ways to positively impact your fleet’s productivity.

In June, we’re going to explore the many strategies for improving fleet productivity, with a special focus on how route planning software is a MUST for any fleet manager who’s on a mission to improve the productivity, and hopefully the bottom line with it.

If you’ve ever read anything about the TPS (Toyota Production System), it’s based on principles of improving productivity at every level of the company’s operations. These incremental changes & improvements on many levels ultimately add up to big improvements in company operations and the bottom line.

Check back in June for more information on how RouteSavvy route planner software fits into that overall mix of productivity enhancers to help your small to mid-sized fleet improve its operations.

Better yet, try RouteSavvy’s FREE 14-day Trial, and see for yourself how it improves productivity, reduces miles driven, saves money, and saves the planet.